This is a 2020 Porsche Taycan 4S. It’s the electric Porsche and the EPA says it has a surprisingly low range. Everything I hear about the car says that’s not the case. So I borrowed one to see for myself… and I took the car on a nearly 200-mile beer run to three different Southern California breweries.

How’d the Porsche Taycan do? It’s a Porsche, how do you think it did…

Were I a wealthy person, I’d buy a Taycan. There’s no question. It’s an excellent machine and a near-perfect daily driver. There’s room for four adults to sit comfortably. The Taycan is a blast to drive, even in this near-lowest grade. And because I already have a plug for it in my garage, I didn’t need to hit a charging station during my week with the car. If I had needed to charge though, I could have easily found a DC Fast Charger tied to the Electrify America network. And if you find a charging station with 350-kW speed capability, the Taycan can receive back 60 miles of range in as little as 4 minutes.

If they put the Taycan running gear under the skin of a Panamera Sport Tursimo GTS, then I have to sell a kidney at that point. Because that one would actually be a dream machine for me. Yes, I’d keep something (or somethings) with gas-drinking engines in the garage too, of course. Yes, I still need V8 engines in my life. But when I tell you this Taycan is good, I’m almost selling it short.

It’s awesome.

[Disclaimer: Porsche tossed us the keys to the Taycan 4S and included a full tank of ENERGON CUBES!]