Overlanding. It’s so hot right now! At least, the use of the hashtag to describe truck builds could be considered as such. But are those that talk of vehicular adventure really Overlanding? If you agree with Team O’Neil’s own Wyaxx Knox, the answer is a very clear “not so much”.

The concept of Overlanding refers to those taking long journeys in their vehicles. You’re traveling over the land. When you simply roll out to the desert for the weekend and go camping in your truck or van, you’re just off-road camping. And that’s cool too, of course. Knox says as much in this video. Multiple times, in fact.

What he’s trying to do here is to clear up the concept of what Overlanding is really about. It’s not about a trip to Moab. It would be about someone driving from Alaska to Panama. Are we getting a little pedantic here? Maybe, but Wyatt raises some good points at the same time. It seems the majority of folks living the hashtag-Overland-life are simply flexing for “the ‘Gram”. And that’s missing the entire point of Overlanding.

It’s perfectly fine to document one’s own adventure. But perhaps it should be an adventure worth documenting. Remember that dude who traveled around Africa in his Jeep Wrangler? That is Overland adventure right there. Most of the rest of the “adventure” set are off-road camping. Both are fine. But maybe we should start clarifying which is which…