Dan Grec and his Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited

The Road Chose Me: Dan Grec’s circumnavigation of Africa comes to a close

Nearly three years and 54,000 miles later, overland expert Dan Grec has finally completed his circumnavigation of Africa. Chronicled on his blog The Road Chose Me and in JPFreek Magazine, Dan’s journey has us in awe. Few people have done a trip like this and next to none have written about it. It’s a story so entertaining and so remarkable that the Jeep itself earned a 2017 HCOTY nomination. But the vehicle is only the functional backbone to the story; the true tale is Dan’s adventure itself.

Over the past 999 days, Dan and his JK Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon traveled places most will never see and many some have never heard of. And he did it all largely solo. From Morocco to Angola and Tanzania to Egypt, Dan and his JKUR made this a story for the ages. His postings kept those of us who were following not just entertained but also educated. It was as much an adventure story as it was a lesson on the cultures of various countries. This journey unfolds much in the same vein as Long Way Round, though traveled by Jeep rather than BMW motorcycle.

In a world when so many of us have Toyota 4x4s and are discussing a potential trip called “Hooniverse Goes Wheeling,” the second installment in the The Road Chose Me has us in awe. And yes, this is a second journey for Dan. His first mega road trip also took place behind the wheel of a Jeep. That time, Dan trekked along the entirety of the Pan-American Highway. So once again we’re left amazed at what Grec has accomplished.

Dan’s story is the epitome of a life dream. It’s a story of exploration unlike any other. Let’s all congratulate him on an amazing overland journey.

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One response to “The Road Chose Me: Dan Grec’s circumnavigation of Africa comes to a close”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    Interesting trip, and depending on exactly where he went, brave.

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