Overland Expo East occurred last month in October. Kamil wrote up a piece about the vehicles of the Expo. He saw many great overland and off-road rigs, but he didn’t see a UAZ-452. He did see numerous tents catering to off-road recovery equipment: traction boards, off-road jacks, recovery ropes (bungees on steroids), and winches.

There is no way that he saw anything like this.

These two have a static line between their UAZ and an immovable object. They are using basic lever science to utilize a fulcrum with a long enough lever to slowly but surely drag their stuck vehicle out. Each time the logs flip in any direction shortens the line. The UAZ’s engine and traction added to the tension of the line manually breaks the van free.

Here is another example of utilizing manual labor and a fulcrum to free a vehicle that was previously stuck.

After watching both of these, I have wondered about the strength of the rope that they are using. It’s pretty impressive the amount of weight that they slide up those boards on the frozen lake.

Either way, recovery is definitely a section of off-road that I need to be better educated about. I’ve seen too many videos about when operations like these above go catastrophically wrong in a fraction of a second.