Add a supercharger to your Miata and… go slower?

Friend of Hooniverse Jason Fenske is supercharging his ND Miata. We showed you the install video recently. Jason and his buddy Charles (the Humble Mechanic) installed the supercharger, flashed the ECU, and now Jason is driving his souped-up, more powerful, faster Miata… except it’s not faster. Somehow, it’s now slower.

Before the install, Jason performed some acceleration runs. He then went back and did the same runs and timed those, and he found his car running slower after installing the supercharger. How’s he going to fix it? First, he takes a deep dive into a wealth of data that he’s pulling from the car. Next, he reaches out to Edelbrock for some insight and thoughts. Finally, he chats with the Fab9 ND Miata tuning house that has experience working with this supercharging setup.

And it was on that call to Fab9 where Fenske and the shop hit on a solution. It has to do with the throttle position sensor, the bypass valve, and the actual position of the accelerator pedal. Watch above to see what’s going on and see if they can fix the issue.

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