We knew it would go for a lot, we just didn’t know the exact amount. Back in August, we asked you to speculate on just how much dough the 1968 Ford Mustang Bullitt would churn. The car was just sold at Mecum. It crossed the auction block in Florida, where it sold for $3.4 million. That’s a bit under my initial guess of around $5 million, but it’s enough to make this the most expensive Mustang ever sold.

Highland Green clearly equals American green. The family that owned the car brought it to the spotlight during the launch of the current Ford Mustang Bullitt. Now the perfectly patina’d pony car is shuffling off to a new home. One, that we assume, as a heated garage and plenty of other wonderful stablemates.

Let’s say you were the fancy person who plunked down the cash for this car. Would you drive it? Or would you keep it exactly as it sits, and let it serve as a museum piece. I ask but I know the answer. If you’re reading this website, then you’d be firing up the car before you finished signing the paperwork. A nice road trip to bring it home would then ensue. And the car would serve as the occasional run about town car. That’s why you’re here and that’s why we like you.

That’s likely not the case with the new owner. And we wouldn’t be surprised to see this thing pop up at auction again in the not-too-distant future. We’d love to be proven wrong though…