When you send a desirable muscle car to auction, it attracts attention. Make it an iconic machine from a film with a much lauded chase scene, and more eyes cast their gaze. Attach Steve McQueen’s name to the car, and the sky is now the limit with respect to pre-auction estimates.

In the film Bullitt, there were two Highland Green ’68 Fastback Mustangs tapped to play the vehicular star role of the film. One of the hero cars has survived. It made a surprise splash on the world stage when Ford used it to unveil its latest modern Bullitt model.

Now that car will head to the auction block. It’s being shown off in Monterey in anticipation of a date with the gavel in Florida. The Mecum Kissimmee event in January of 2020 is where it will all unfold.

How much do you think this patina-clad McQueen-related Mustang will fetch? My guess is that this will most certainly be a seven-figure car. Back in 2014, a McQueen-owned Ferrari 275 sold for GTB sold for over $10MM. Granted, that’s a vintage Ferrari, but I’d argue that this Mustang is more intrinsically intertwined with the mystique of McQueen. I don’t expect it to touch eight figures, but I do expect it to far outperform other muscle cars, pony cars, and Mustangs that have recently traded hands.

McQueen’s watches have gone for strong six-figure sums. I wouldn’t be shocked if this Mustang sells for five million bucks. And I also wouldn’t be surprised if it goes for more than that…

What do you think?