You're Not Cool Enough to Drive this Fury

Seriously, no one is. That’s the problem. This may be the automotive equivalent of showing up to your cube-farm desk job dressed like this guy, but maybe a bit less preppy. Take it from a guy who spends much of his hallway and breakroom time discussing his plain-jane ’64 Falcon. But let’s say you’ve left the desk jockeys behind to work in a high-end liquor store, a place where having a little bit of image, a bit of a conversation piece could be good for business. Now we’re talking…

This one’s equipped with a metalflake green roof atop its dark black body. The interior’s got matching green inserts. It’s not uncommon for great-looking cars to sport engines from the runty end of the spectrum, but this one delivers with a stonking 440c.i. backed up by a 727 3 speed auto. It’s got a new radiator and new Weld wheels. $15k’s not cheap, but neither is paint or interior work. Besides, good luck trying to find a new(ish) car with this much style for that little cash. Can’t be done.
Source: eBay Motors

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  1. Paul Y Avatar
    Paul Y

    Wow. That car is way too awesome for mortal men.

  2. CptSevere Avatar

    This car goes beyond kickass into something like legendary. Damn thing looks positively evil, and you'd better have the chops to pull this off. Being a professional blues guitarist with a classic Les Paul comes to mind.

  3. ptmeyer84 Avatar

    [youtube vW3U_dnZs6Q&playnext_from=TL&videos=9JSnplI51-8… youtube]
    Some may argue that he is not a blues guitarist, but he oozes cool and he rocks that Les Paul like no one else.

  4. dmilligan Avatar

    That car is sharp. Love the lines of that model. I don't care for the green top or the green seat panels. A dark ultramarine blue flake would work a lot better on the top, and dark navy for the pleats. If it was mine, but it ain't.
    A very nice ride.

  5. junkman Avatar

    Love the car and I agree that it's an amazing deal but that cheesey, $1.99 K-Mart steering wheel cover almost kills it for me. Why do people do these things to cool cars? Someone has to save it before it sprouts fake portholes on the fenders.

    1. omg_grip Avatar

      I'd like to give the guy the benefit of the doubt that maybe the wheel is all sorts of bad condition under the cover…..
      but I can't, because he put it on crooked. its not even close to being straight. Someone save this car indeed.

  6. P161911 Avatar

    It is just outside Vegas. Did they redo another car for Pawn Stars? It does sort of have the same look as The Old Man's Lincoln convertible or 66 Imperial convertible.

  7. 1972 monte carlo parts Avatar

    MG has its eyes set on the juicy Chinese small hatch segment, and the company’s first crack at the market debuted in the form of Zero Concept at this year’s Beijing Motor Show. At shave over 13 feet long, the pint-sized five-door is designed to offer up more style than space. MG says the vehicle was penned by Anthony Williams, the brand’s British director of design, and offers drivers a unique interior loaded with your standard concept-tech. The Zero boasts a floating center console, complete with touch screen controls, as well as some kind of communication system on the rear of the vehicle. Yeah, we don’t get that part, either.

  8. Charles Xue Avatar

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  9. elrodfarquar Avatar

    Awesome ride. 🙂
    I believe I can top that. '66 Sport Fury' numbers matching-I 1 new metallic green paint job. All papers and bone stock original parts.