Your best look yet at the Aston Martin Lagonda

lagonda5 [Filed under BREAKSCLUSIVE] If you’ve been keeping up with the News in recent weeks, you’ll be well aware of Aston Martin’s plans to resurrect one of its most iconic and important nameplates in the company’s history – Lagonda. From what tiny bit of information we’ve been given so far, we know the Lagonda will be a super-exclusive super saloon destined for the Middle East, and since it is an Aston Martin, we know it’ll be beautiful. Thanks to a couple of images Aston Martin sent us over the weekend, we really know it’ll be beautiful. They said we could do what we wanted with these images after 4:00 AM Pacific today… so at 4:01 AM Pacific, here you go. For Hooniverse eyes only, say hello to the Aston Martin Lagonda, fully uncovered and out in the open. This is our best look yet at Gaydon’s newest masterpiece and it’s truly a sight to behold. lagonda7 The Lagonda you see pictured here is Lagonda number one. Built as an engineering test car, it’s currently being put through its paces in the scorching heat of Oman to test its durability in hot environments (where all of them will be driven, assuming they’re driven at all) and of course how well the air conditioning works in a car that’s been left out in direct sunlight all day. The car is spending four weeks out in Oman where it’s being driven 500 miles per day or 14,000 miles in all. lagonda1 Cabin surfaces will reach temperatures of up to 80°C/176°F and the phenomenal V12 beating under that long hood will be subject to some very hot starts. The black metallic paint is just there to further nudge that thermometer up a bit. So basically, this beautiful super saloon is undergoing torture testing, and if it can survive this, it can survive any air-conditioned collector’s garage. As of writing, they were about 5,000 miles in with no issues. lagonda6 As for the looks, this is a Verification Prototype and is “broadly representative” of the production model. But for the most part, this is it. It’s not a rendering and it’s not a reskinned test mule. It’s the Lagonda. And it’s absolutely stunning. lagonda8lagonda9lagonda2lagonda4lagonda3 Middle East only, eh? Damn. [Source: Aston Martin]

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