Your 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Volante has a flat?We've all been there


I’m sure we can all relate…

You’ve had your coffee, watched a bit of the morning news, and you’re now ready to take off for a lovely drive along the California coast. Your 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Volante is parked outside. The Emotion Control Unit (AKA the key) is in your hand as you stride happily over to your lovely machine. It looks resplendent with its one-off Red Ember paintwork sparkling in the morning sun.

There’s a problem though. One of the Pirelli P Zero tires is hugging the ground more than it should, because it’s flat. It’s quickly evident that you’re morning drive is not to be… or is it?


Aston Martin doesn’t equip their vehicles with spare tires. Instead, a repair kit is situated neatly in the trunk. It’s a unit created by Continental, and it consists of a bottle of sealant and a tire inflator that plugs into the socket inside the car. Get it setup, plug it in, and turn it on, and you’re back in business.

This is probably a smart option since you need all the trunk space you can get in the back of a Vanquish… and we don’t see the owners of this $300,000 drop top mussing up their expensive clothes just to change a tire. Regardless, it was fun to get a chance to test a feature we normally wouldn’t get to use.

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