You Should See His Yule Log

Oh Tannenbaum!
Oh Tannenbaum!

Greig Howe of Bournemouth, Dorset doesn’t let something like his environmentally conscious choice of automobile get in the way of one-upping the neighbors in the Christmas Tree department.
Donated by the Forestry Commission (whose nominal charge is preventing the deforestation of Great Britain), the 50-ft tree is like a fluffy cat in that it’s more bulky than heavy, and is easily towed by the medium blue G-Wiz, according to Mr Howe.
Dogs frequently like to take a G-wiz to a tree.
Dogs frequently like to take a G-wiz to a tree.

Once safely home with his be-ornamented prize, he carefully cut it apart and placed it in the front tower of his Dorset townhome. A crane was used to put the top-most piece on the roof.
Chevy Chase, is that you?
Chevy Chase, is that you?

Top Gear has dunned the G-Wiz with being the worst car in Britain, but it’s obvious that  they just haven’t experienced the extent of its capabilities.
Source: [The Daily Mail]

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  1. Alff Avatar

    Hmm… Trendy enviro-car, tidy and stylish townhome, over-the-top holiday decorations…. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this guy doesn't have a wife to complain about his nutty behavior.

    1. bzr Avatar

      Au contraire, Alff, I'm willing to say that the woman wears the pants in that relationship.

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