You Only Hurt the One You Love- Car Tats

Oh no- Toyopet!

Tattoos, like old Mercedes diesels, last forever. That being the case, it’s a good idea if you’re planning to get inked to make sure the subject matter is something that you could live with for the rest of your life. That seems to have been the case for a bunch of car nuts that have had the objects of their affection impregnated into their skin.
Skin art is very, very popular these days, and it’s not surprising to find that a lot of people going under the needle want to make their tat a homage to a favorite vehicle or driving pass time. has a whole mess of auto-related tattoos for you to ooh and ah over, a few with the red rash of nascency still showing . Some of them are more clever than others, but they all have one thing in common- their owner’s likelihood of catching hepatitis.
Car Tattoos
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  1. joshuman Avatar

    It isn't car related unless you count starring in Road House.
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  2. Jo_Schmo Avatar

    Speaking of tats, I stumbled upon this video just this morning. I would like to officially nominate this guy for Moran of the Year.
    [youtube wH1tTlq5-Qk&feature=player_embedded… youtube]

  3. Maymar Avatar

    <img src="; /img>
    The Wagovan is seriously cool.
    Naturally, most of the rest just feels like a sad mix of machismo and bad taste, that'll be an even sadder sight when the assorted subjects are 80. The Ram logo overlaying the confederate flag? A natural pairing (bonus points if the person is from North of the Mason-Dixon line). And of course they've got the guy with his Cavalier on his arm (so that when he hits people with his car, he isn't charged with vehicular assault).

  4. muthalovin Avatar

    Is it just me, or are there now tattoo banner adverts on the side now? Tattoo Lovers, Start Searching Now… actually, why the hell not, Hooniverse needs to get paid.

    1. Tim Odell Avatar
      Tim Odell

      Jeff's Hooniverse tattoo won't pay for itself!

  5. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    I read a great quote about tattoos one time, something along the lines of "why appreciate something temporarily when you can regret it for life!"
    …which I thought would make a great tattoo.

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