You Drive What? (Now in easy to swallow internet form)

This is how you spell "Epic Win" in the Hooniverse

Loyal reader SSurfer321 just sent in a link to a site which posts pictures of questionable rides. Now… some of them are not that weird – like the Ferrari 360 parked outside of WalMart. Sometimes you just need to pick up 1000 Solo Cups and a 30 pack of ping-pong balls, and you need to do it quickly.
But then you see an example like a minivan with a wooden door
Head over to You Drive What to waste hours of your life well, no that was correct – to waste hours of your life.


    1. He went back to the dealer in '71 to replace his Corvair rampside, since they didn't make them anymore he had to improvise. As for the rest?!?!?

  1. is far better for this sort of thing, and it's been around for years.
    Avoid joining the troglodyte loser weirdo registered commenters at all costs.

    1. No doubt. I looked at the comments on the 4X4 Mustang (which I think rocks) and the chicken scratchings I just read make me feel glad for places like this and (JALOPNIK). It's not like we're all Hemingway and Shakespeare over here, but at least we can write in complete sentences.

      1. It said that the URL contained a malformed video ID. Not sure what that means, but I am sure I would've enjoyed whatever it was. I'm a big fan of stuff that's NSFW!

  2. I could just watch that orange mustang do four-wheel donuts and run over Hyundais all day long.
    Yes, my ancestors are from the backwoods of Ohio.
    And yes, there is a monster truck gene.

  3. In the words of that famous Olympic skater, Nancy Kerrigan,…..
    There is no bleach either strong enough or in great enough quantity to cleanse my eyes of the horrors Ive borne witness

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