You can still buy a brand new Plymouth Neon

One of the most common criticisms of modern cars is complication. Today’s crop of automobiles are packed to the brim with computers and electronics. Turbochargers squeeze every last bit of power from tiny engines. As a result, modern cars are a challenge to work on and have a lot more to break.

The trouble is, generally speaking, the only way to get a new car is to get a modern car. If you want a simple back-to-basics machine, you’ll have to scour the used market. And you’ll end up with something used and abused. Until now.

Live for sale on Bring a Trailer is this 2001 Plymouth Neon. Unlike most Neons, it has traveled fewer than 75 million miles. In fact, it hasn’t even crested 75 miles. The digital odometer displays a mere two digits, the first of which is a six. That’s right — there is a virtually brand new Plymouth Neon for sale.

And this isn’t just any Neon. It’s the final Plymouth Neon. In fact, it’s the final Plymouth. This particular Neon is the last Plymouth the American conglomerate ever built. According to the description, the seller — presumably a devout Plymouth enthusiast — custom-ordered the car and drove it home, where it sat for two decades. It’s so pristine the original antenna remains uninstalled.


As far as Neons go, it’s quite well-equipped. The interior is finished in leather — uncommon for an economy car, especially back then. A gear lever controls a five-speed manual transmission and sits in front of a wood-look center console. Unsurprisingly, the interior is absolutely pristine, though some rust has eaten away the underbody.

If you’re nostalgic for crappy old econoboxes, now’s your chance, as this is likely the best-preserved Neon in existence by miles. Another massive benefit is the fact that it’s the very last Plymouth ever built. So buy this car, and you’ll have the most interesting form of basic transportation around.

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10 responses to “You can still buy a brand new Plymouth Neon”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    You gotta talk it up in Mopar-speak, like, “In 2001 Plymouth only made 376 Neon LX models in Heat-sink Grease Grey paint, and of those 376 only 52 had the Sun Microsystems chipset in the fuel management module. This is the only one of those with an AUX jack on the head unit. Technically it’s a 2001-1/2.”

    It’s currently 2/3 of the way up to its MSRP, so just about where it was 24 hours after it left the dealership.

    “Some rust has eaten away the underbody” is a bit misleading. The muffler has a bit of surface rust, the bodywork looks fine from the pics.

    1. Maymar Avatar

      I’ve had to spray-bomb some of the suspension bits on brand new Rams to make them presentable on an auto show podium, a bit of spotting on a 20 year old muffler just isn’t rust in MOPAR terms.

  2. Sjalabais Avatar

    Nothing I’d want to own, but I love these auctions. The most interesting stuff on! The recent “no mileage” Daewoo Leganza and Yugo went for 7 and 7.5k, this piece of American heritage should go for more.

    The eternal conundrum of what to do with such a vehicle – drive home and destroy its value – blows my mind. I can hardly stand the wind blowing dust onto my Centennial, a collector’s item like this exists squarely outside of my reality.

    1. smaglik Avatar

      Driving it home and destroying the value is the same thing you would do with a new car…just without a warranty this time.

  3. Neight428 Avatar

    I’m weird, but even I can’t understand a Plymouth brand loyalist in the early ’00’s.

    1. Zentropy Avatar

      Yeah, you gotta get back to maybe 1972, at least, to rouse my interest in Plymouths.

  4. Tanshanomi Avatar

    “…the seller — presumably a devout Plymouth enthusiast — custom-ordered the car and drove it home, where it sat for two decades.”

  5. Troy Osborne Avatar
    Troy Osborne

    Serious?? I’ve never heard such information before. It’s not the first time i review this product and I’m rather experienced user. I compared to the article from COMPACOM and no doubt they provide much more relevant information.

    1. Lokki Avatar

      Spam cleanup please…

  6. outback_ute Avatar

    Currently the last hot Holden ute ever made is up for sale from the dealer who never sold it in 2017, with 13 miles on it for a mere US$580k. Or roughly 7x it’s new price.

    Got to be lots of 2017 Holdens stashed away like that.