Wrenching Tips: Keep Your Priorities Straight

Car Son, get it?

We won’t be getting any grease under our fingernails in this week’s Wrenching Tips. In fact, we wont be doing much of anything besides changing diapers, washing bottles and trying to get some f%&*#ign sleep.

That guy right there is Carson, the latest edition to this Hooniverse family. He was born Sunday night, about three weeks early, but still a healthy 6lbs 4oz. I actually got to do a little bit of the “crazy husband driving with the wife in labor” cliche, but that’s a story for another day. The_Missus and he are doing great.

So,  this week’s tip is to remember there are a lot more important things in life. Make the most out of your more free years while you can, but remember that your car hobby should never compete with your family. Set it aside when you need to and you’ll be amazed how much more enjoyable it is when you come back. See ya next week!

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