Would A, Could A, Should A: The Fire Fighting Edition

So this olelongrooffan does realize that I am treacherously close to the ever present Last Call. But surfing around these tubes tonite catching up on the many recent happenings, Penske leaving Dodge? WTF? They designed their whole new car around him. And going to Ford? Jack Roush vs Roger Penske? Should be fun. Looking forward to the resident Hoon racing experts for their take on this.

But anyway, last Sunday thehorsefarmer and I had the soggy pleasure of attending the race delayed Daytona 500 and enjoying, for the first time ever, the Safety Vehicle Parade prior to the start of the race.

This olelongrooffan is just curious why this first ever seen buggy wasn’t kept around. Might A helped.

And again in a shamefilled art of self promotion, check out another soggy Daytona experience over at By The Numbers.

Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/longrooffan

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