Words, there really are none…

At first glance you would think you were dealing with one of those Exalibur things popular among the rich and tasteless back in the 80’s and 90’s.  Proof that money and style don’t always go hand-in-hand.
Upon closer inspection, you realise that this is NOT, infact an Exalibur (or is it?) but a severely mistreated Cadillac XLR.  I guess some things never change.  Thanks once again to Johnny from Key West  for risking life and limb to chase this beastie down on his scooter. 

I think Marlon Brando just rolled over in his grave.

Seriously? WTF man?

I uh... I got nothin

This is the kinda thing that gets Florida its very own tag on Fark.  Man, I gotta visit there someday.


  1. Sweet Jeebus! I'd say, "Kill it with fire!" but I'm not sure that alone would do it.
    Dammit Joe, there's no way I can unsee this abomination. This is Hooniverse … if I wanted to kill my soul a little bit today I could have gone to 4chan.

    1. On behalf of my nation, I apologize; we don't have nukes (unless there are leftovers in the Diefenbunker), but this is as good an argument as any to go get some. We do, however, have a metric fuckload of fertilizer and diesel fuel, and if there was ever a good case for using a significant portion of it for alternative means, this is it.

  2. If we hurry we just might be able to get it to the Center for Abused, Mistreated, and Neglected Cadillacs. We may still be able to save this one yet.

  3. I'm coming down with a cold, or SARS, and this didn't help. Now I think I just need to go take a nap, but I'm afraid that when I close my eyes I'll just see this. Thanks, Hooniverse. You're swell.

      1. I'm not sure whether that's better than my Facebook status as of a few weeks ago: "Detractors, do not attempt to impede my forward progress! I am aware of your animosity toward my superb Lansing-built brougham."
        Nah, I kinda honestly prefer my version. Glad someone else thought of it too, though.

  4. Earlier I cruised right by this post, thinking it was (as mentioned in the post) indeed just one of the goofy Excaliber kits or something. Now that I have seen this, I hate myself for finally dropping in to look more closely. I just can't imagine what went through the owner's mind when he decided that this was the perfect use for an XLR, and what kind of body shop/custom auto establishment would allow this to happen. GM should sue this guy for using their car as a template for what has got to be the biggest bastardization of any car in the history of ever, and the next person that sees this car should pull it over, yank the guy (gal, whatever) out of it, pour 5 gallons of Texaco's finest over it, and light it up. That's the most awful thing I've ever seen done to a Cadillac, and I've seen some pretty horrible things, having been with Cadillac since 2002.

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