Our friend Jason Torchinsky is everything we love about Jalopnik. He’s a perfect bridge between the old-school website we remember and where it exists today. And if you haven’t been following along, he’s having a grand old time with his Chinese-made electric vehicle; the Changli. Jason has been documenting every aspect of his ownership experience, and now he’s cranking things up a notch. The Changli has hit the racetrack.

Jason was invited by the folks behind Motorsport 4the Masses to attend an autocross event. They set him up with slick custom door numbers and set him loose. To make the trip around the rather short course, Jason needs to keep the accelerator pegged the entire time. His Changli will hit 20 mph during the run. Is it enough to make the rest of the competition take notice?

Not really.

Jason says his pace is about a full minute off the rest of the pack. That’s a lot. Especially when everyone else is running times well under a minute. Regardless, Changli pilot Torchinksy remains undaunted and heads back out to try and improve on his early 1:43 lap time. Can he do it? Does the Changli have enough juice to make it happen?

Click play on that video to find out. And head over to Jalopnik to see more pics and read more about the event and the machine.