Winter Weekend Edition – 1984 Honda Prelude EX


These weekend posts have one thing common: old cars surrounded by snow. This time I need to be honest: I haven’t seen this 1984 Prelude move an inch in summertime, either. It’s probably rotten to the core, and it spends its days on the corner of a warehouse. Year after year, a ton of snow falls on it and it has no other choice but take it on.


The car, according to the plates, has the 1829cc SOHC 12-valve ET engine. It produces 100hp, when running.


’80s Hondas rust on our salted roads like nothing else. Thing is, the yearly inspections do not make life easy for them, and a lot of old Civics, Accords and Preludes have been crushed for that reason. The wacky spaghetti vacuum lines do not get to be a problem, as the body gives up way earlier before anything in the engine bay – unless you count the front suspension towers.


This Prelude is probably a spares car, as I’ve seen another mid-80s Prelude park at the warehouse. And you can’t blame its owners for not trying to patch it up to keep it going.

[Images: 2013 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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2 responses to “Winter Weekend Edition – 1984 Honda Prelude EX”

  1. Metric Wrench Avatar
    Metric Wrench

    Ahh, good memories of me old Quaalude. Not so fast, and only ok handling, but the large glass sunroof and sweet shifting five cog made up for it all back in the days of mullets.

  2. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    I always find the Japanese coupes interesting counterpoints to my Gamma Coupe.They are so much better made! Although, of course, to admit this in Europhile circles is akin to heresy. And that's why Lancia failed.

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