Wide-body Lemon buy-back Tesla on race tires is on the Nürburgring

Motor1 reports that Elon Musk isn’t taking any shit from any haters and going for a record around the Nürburgring in the Tesla Model S. At this point no one really knows what record he’s going for, or even what the hell he’s really doing, but he’s doing it. Perhaps he just wants to show Porsche that his dick is bigger car is faster than the new Taycan Turbo S.

Elon, or rather his gang of feisty engineers, are lapping the ‘Ring in a modified Tesla Model S P100D (we think) – that’s the top performance spec, with 100 kWh battery and motors that putout over 760-horsepower. Here is what we know about this Tesla, which has been spotted around the ‘Ring for the past few days:

  • It’s a 2017 Model S Dual Motor according to the NHTSA decoder, VIN number 5YJSA1E2XHF198332 according to Carfax.
  • It’s a Lemon-Law buyback car!
  • It’s got a cool wide-body kit.
  • It’s got enlarged grill opening, likely/obviously for more airflow.
  • It’s got a large Gurney flap on the trunk lid.
  • It’s looks like it’s riding in 20×9.5-inch BBS CI-R wheels. If so, those are 27-pound cast wheels – not ideal.
  • Those wheels maybe wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. These come in a variety of sizes in the 20-inch diameter. Original Model S optional performance tires are 245/35-21 front and 265/35-21 rear. UPDATE: Newest pictures show that’s on Good Year tires, perhaps the Eagle F1 Supercar 3R.
  • The brakes and rotors in the pictured car, they look bigger than the stock 14-inch Model S rotors. Those rotors have that dark finish of carbon ceramic rotors and the calipers look much bigger than stock. Calipers appear to be of the Brembo GT variety.
  • Windows have dark tint on them – assume a roll cage and/or gutted interior, but Elon says it’s a seven-seater. Can’t see any of that in the Motor1 pics no matter how hard you squint.
  • When the original California license plates were still on the car, they expired in June.
  • It now has German temporary red license plates, front and back, that expire after 30-days.
  • Nico Rosberg offered to drive it. He was spotted on Tuesday at the Frankfurt Auto Show, about a two-hour drive away.

Our BFF Bozi, who knows everything or is just really awesome at googling stuff, reports the following regarding a ‘Ring record:

  • There is no category for an electric sedan on the Nürburgring record list so there is no record for the Taycan there yet.
  • There is no category for a development car record at Laguna Seca so there is no record for the Tesla Model S there yet.
  • The closest categories for the Taycan at Nürburgring are:
    • Mid-range cars: Jaguar XE SV Project 8 – 7:23.164
    • Executive cars: Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4MATIC+ – 7:30.11
    • Electric (sports) cars: VW ID.R – 6:05.336
  • So they have to beat one on an official run to get on that list.

Now this is some interesting stuff. Keep your phone on Bozi’s tweets and Motor1.com’s coverage of this exciting event, or whatever this drama can be called. There is so much going on there that this just cannot be ignored.

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5 responses to “Wide-body Lemon buy-back Tesla on race tires is on the Nürburgring”

  1. Zentropy Avatar

    The OZ Zeus is about the lightest mainstream forged wheel you’ll find for the Tesla S, and it weighs in around 23 lb. At $2100 each, I’m not sure that the unsprung weight savings are worth it.
    Besides, Nurburgring times don’t mean much to me unless the car is stock spec. Modifying a vehicle specifically for NBR bragging rights is just pathetic one-upmanship.
    [Of note, that’s the ugliest wicker bill spoiler I’ve ever seen.]

    1. dzerres Avatar

      I’m sure Porsche touched up the Taycan before the ran the NBR. VAG cheats on everything – they can’t help themselves.

      1. Zentropy Avatar

        The Taycan that made the run was pre-production, but according to Klaus Zellmer (president/CEO of Porsche Cars NA), it wore series-production tires and “nothing a customer wouldn’t buy”. The Tesla is very obviously modified, and who knows what they’ve done that you can’t see?

        But again, it’s irrelevant because NBR runs are pure posturing– nothing but an automotive dick-off. I don’t race my cars, so lap times, 0-60 times, etc. mean little to me. I’m more interested in how a car feels, and how it makes me feel as a driver. Some of the slowest cars I’ve owned have been the most rewarding to drive.

      2. crank_case Avatar

        They should turn Nurburgring lap times into a time attack series with scrutineers. All other times don’t count. 🙂

  2. Lokki Avatar

    Klaus Zellmer (President and Chief Executive Officer Porsche Cars North America, Inc.) had better not say anything bad about Tesla or Elon will call him a Porschephile……

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