Why Must This 440-Powered 1972 Chrysler Imperial Lebaron Be So Cheap?

I have a problem. There are too many cars in my driveway and too many titles to my name.  If I owned a pole barn this would not be a problem, but I do not. The latest painful reminder of my storage inadequacies is this super-sweet 1972 Chrysler Imperial Lebaron, complete with a 440 V8, nearly pristine white leather interior and under 59k on the clock. Price? Only $2,000. Oh the pain.

This many cubic inches hurts to pass up.Such cheap Mopar metal is practically unconscionable. I have a big ole soft spot right where unsung awesome from the 70’s meets ominous brooding mob cars. While the coupe version, with its aircraft carrier proportions and explicitly conspicuous consumption is more desirable for me, this four-door in a daffy shade of brown would be more than welcomed in my garage, if it had any space to speak off.
Off to peruse the real estate listings.
Craigslist Detroit


  1. Hey, leave McClouth Steel alone. I grew up throwing rocks at the windows trying to bust them out. Oh, what? A night club? Make that into a castle themed night club and we have a deal.

  2. If you have a 4-barrel Mopar Boat, just change that Carter 750 cfm carburetor to a Holley or Edelbrock 600 cfm with vacuum secondaries and you will go from 8 mpg to at least 12 mpg. I had 3 big block barges of this type, and that is the only way to get mpg out of them! The Carter's mechanical secondary throttle plates make a sweet sound but very costly.
    I have a 67 and 69 Grand Prix but the Mopar has more quirky personality that I will never forget.

  3. hello is the vehicule still up for sale?i am in Montreal Quebec and is interrested in preserving this vehicule in the best of shape as a professional mechanic.My name is jeff, please respond yes or no at "jeanf@vmobile.blackberry.com." or 514-231-8818 (answering message is bilingual) Thanks

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