The Civil Guardia paint is gorgeous. Those tough truck tires help the stance. The rest of the modifications are minimal in invasiveness but maximum in coolness. Still, the mileage is relatively high though maybe not so for an old Land Cruiser. There’s no doubt that this is a cool truck, but what do you think the final price will be on its auction listing at Bring-A-Trailer?

Kamil and I posed this question to the Twitter-verse and the answers ranged from $15,000 on up to over $30,000. Yes, old trucks are approaching Bonkersville at the moment but FJ60s and FJ62s aren’t quite there yet. They’re moving there quickly but I believe a truck like this should sell for no more than $15,000. And even that feels high compared to where these were just a few years ago.

This truck is already past that point. With a day remaining in the auction, the high bid (at the time of writing) sits at $16,000. I won’t be surprised if this rises over the $20k mark, but I don’t think it should be that high.

Congrats to the seller though, because they’ve done some excellent mods to a sharp looking machine. The time is clearly right to sell.

Idiot EditI forgot the link. Here it is.