What's Your Eleanor? – Edición Tomsk

You don't lose it in the Costco parking lot; you do donuts with it in the Costco parking lot.
I’ve had many four-wheeled crushes over the course of my quarter-century-plus on this giant nugget of cosmic dust, but I guess the one that has endured the longest (even though it hasn’t always been right on the top of my head) is GMC’s resident two-pedal-NSX-slayer, the Typhoon. I guess the roots of my affection are twofold: first, our neighbors at the time the Typhoon came out had a tan-and-white S15 Jimmy two-door, and second, it just looked so irrefutably bitchin’ to my prepubescent eyes. It wasn’t until later that I came to appreciate the vehicle’s inherent lunacy; I mean, a turbo V6 conservatively rated at 280hp, pavement-biased AWD and suspension tuning, rear seats (which can’t be said for its Syclone forebear) and that subdued (relatively speaking) body kit? Yes please! Sure, it’s automatic-only, pretty much useless as a true SUV, hardly a sports car (though it is vaguely shooting brake-ish if you ignore its truck roots and chug a whole bottle of Brefass Scotch squint hard enough), really too rare to beat on or seriously modify, but dag nabbit, it still holds a bulletproof berth near the tippy-top of my vehicular bucket list. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1TLjwfapeA[/youtube]Lastly: Its name ends with “hoon.” Check and mate, haters. Further reading at SyTy.org.

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