What's This Song in a 1990 Mitsubishi Sigma Commercial?

I’m addicted to old Japanese car commercials. I’m open about it; I can easily spend an hour going from one dramatic slow-motion ad to another. It’s not just the wild English-Japanese nomenclature (NISSAN FAIRLADY Z SOUL SYNCHRO MACHINE for example); sometimes the music is just nigh-on perfect. And since I also dream of old Japanese cars in as-new condition, having backing music to supplement my dreams is just what I need. Today I happened upon this 1990 Sigma ad. The car, known as the Diamante in the States with a slightly different roofline, drives through some European scenic views wearing German plates before arriving to what looks like a funeral (for the old Sigma, perhaps?). All of this 4:40-minute bliss is backed by an unidentified piece of music, with an unidentified female vocalist. What can it be? [youtube width=”720″ height=”430″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BXDNYN7tRc[/youtube] Googling the lyrics (If I was to enter/ And vanish beyond / I know what I came for) doesn’t really help, and I’ve pretty much accepted it’s just a backing piece tailored for the TV spot by some not-very-famous artist. But still, it’s worth watching and listening, and in case somebody actually identifies the song I’d be grateful beyond belief. UPDATE: As mentioned in the comments – yes, a year ago – the song in question is Beyond the Within by Bel Canto. The vocalist is Anneli Drecker, also known for her collaboration with Röyksopp. -Antti [Source: YouTube /user ronago15]

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