What would a Hooniverse Car Pack look like for Forza?


Our friends at The Smoking Tire just announced that they are getting a car pack for Forza 5. We’re extremely happy for them… but we’re also quite jealous. Their cars range from an Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale to an Audi RS2 and a Toyota Celica All-Trac. Some fun choices, but it leaves me wondering what a Hooniverse Car Pack would look like.

My guess? It would be some awesomely diverse, and filled with something for everyone. Let’s assume we were given the opportunity to create a list filled with just eight machines. My list is after the jump, but I want all of you to chime in with lists of your own. Everyone vote on your favorite list.

Just to be clear, this isn’t the start of a car pack for us… I’m just daydreaming here.

Hooniverse Imaginary Car Pack:

  1. The Wombat – my 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300TD with HEMI power.
  2. 1964 Ford Falcon – Tim’s daily driver
  3. 1967 Ford Country Sedan – Tim’s now departed daily driver, which he and I both miss.
  4. The Uberbird – our BMW 633 CSI turned LeMons racer finished in Petty Blue.
  5. The EV Midget – because duh.
  6. A Cizetta – just to be weird.
  7. The ZomBEE – just to be awesome.
  8. LTD Scott’s The Homer – one of the greatest LeMons cars of all time.

That’s my list. It’s a fun group of cars, but I’m sure you could find some good ones to trump some of my choices.

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