We're Not Real Big on Corvettes, But This Black, T-Topped 4-Speed C3 Might Change That

1968 Corvette for saleThe C3 Corvette is an ostensibly terrible vehicle. Fragile, ill-handling and not particularly well put together, they’re also a representative of the decline of American Iron from the horsepower zenith around 1970 to the nadir or the late ’70s. They’re most commonly associated with bad hair and bad music. But it’s so easy forget all that and get lost in the chrome and curves of this black beauty. 1968 Corvette for saleBesides, a 327c.i. V8 backed up by a 4 speed and posi rear end can be fun in almost anything. In addition to an impressive options sheet that includes AC, this one looks to be in top notch condition. 1968 Corvette for saleWe’re not huge on numbers-matching-ness around here, but the seller claims it’s all-original. And that’s where things get a little weird. We thought numbers matching 4-speed Vettes in good condition would go for more than the $18,400 Buy It Now (and $10k current bid) that this one’s carrying. Are we missing something, or could this irony-free paragon of badassness really be going for used V6 Mustang money? 1968 Corvette for sale

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