Well Whitworth It, the Queen's English Car Show is Coming!

Last Fall, the annual Best of France and Italy car show arrived without the necessary fanfare here on the Hoon. Lacking that prior notice, many who would have liked to attend missed the show – which was a shame as it showcased some amazing cars, trucks and bikes. Making sure that doesn’t happen for the Queen’s English event – or as I like to call it the annual oiling of the grass – we’re giving you fair warning. This year’s event takes place from 9 -4 on Sunday March 20th at Woodley Park in Van Nuys Californ-eye-aye. For those of you with computers, here’s the Google Maps link.

The show will encompass a full representation of almost every English manufacturer from cottage to car a minute. Come to the show and see a mess of MGs, a ton of Triumphs, and jillion Jags. Like Lotus? There’ll be a lot. In awe of Austins? assuage your yen here.

Woodley Park in Van Nuys provides the perfect canvas for a massing of metal. Its verdant expanse provides both an easy venue for spectators – flat and with good sight-lines, but it’s roomy enough for the 500+ cars that are expected to attend.

And after getting your fill of the automotive orgy patronized by the likes of the MG Club and stalwart Jensen Healey owners who will arrive in a trio of support, you can wander across the road to the mini airport the exists across the street. This is where radio-controlled aircraft – everything from battery-powered electric polystyrene representations of B24 Liberators, to 16th scale models of F16s powered by real jet engines that sound like god’s own vacuum cleaner.

That makes a day of it, and if you happen to live in the greater Los Angeles area, this is a damn-fine way to spend a weekend day. The Queen’s English Show will have food vendors for all your brat-eating enjoyment, or you can bring a picnic lunch of your own, nobody cares.

So, to prevent a repeat of last fall’s Best of France & Italy show, we’re giving you plenty of advance notice of the Queen’s English event. If you’re in th area and have a car that you’d like to bring to the show, you can find the entrance application here. If you want to sell your crap at the concurrent auto jumble ($100 per space) you can sign up here. Warning, PDF.

For those of you not fortunate enough to live within easy driving distance of LA, don’t worry, I’ll be there – heck, I haven’t missed a year in the better part of a decade – and following the show we’ll have a picture orgy for your enjoyment by-proxy.

NOTE: All parts falling off of this post are of the finest English manufacture.

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  1. jerjozwik Avatar

    must. remember. to. go!

  2. BigRedCaveTroll Avatar

    I always forget how awesome TR6s look. Ugh… So cool.

  3. CptSevere Avatar

    I'd love to attend this event. Living in the sticks, English cars are few and far between. It would be impressive seeing a whole park full of them.

  4. Joe Dunlap Avatar
    Joe Dunlap

    Somewhere in my misspent and ignorant youth, I spent a good deal of time vainly attempting to stem the neverending flood of oil from the bowels of many of the Queens English cars. I rather think that the , as you put it, "Annual oiling of the grass", is really just their way of returning the petrochemicals to the earth, along with the iron oxide they seem to so readily shed. That said, they are still quite lovely, in a quaint, English sort of way.
    *Sits down, top hat in crook of elbow, holding teacup with pinky extended* 😉