Weekend Edition – Three Imported Wagons, Three Types of Power, Three Unusual Rides…

Recently Updated57 Welcome to the Sunday Edition here on Hooniverse, and I thought i would start with three eBay finds this morning. We all seem to go crazy about wagons here in our little corner of the blogosphere, be they large domestic wood-paneled leviathans from the 60’s and 70’s, or the diminutive European and Japanese wagons, they represent a body style that is rapidly disappearing. Well, after rooting around eBay, I found three rather distinctive wagons, all with different forms or propulsion. So I have to ask, which one is the most desirable? Mazda Other Station Wagon  eBay - Google Chrome 542014 70309 AM.bmp Lets start out with this 1974 Mazda RX-4 Wagon, which has received a recent engine transplant in the form of a stock 13b Mazda Wankel engine. According to the listing:

Decent running condition with newly replaced stock 13b motor; some parts may not function perfectly due to age; but mostly intact and good opportunity for someone who knows these cars to bring it up to date as much as feasible.. bought this for sentimental reasons a couple years ago; but have not been using it much except to keep it in running condition due to heavy overseas trips; Fullscreen capture 542014 70527 AM.bmp and spent quite a lot of funds to keep it in decent operating condition including replacement of the racing engine it had by previous owner (too loud) via pineapple racing in portland oregon with a stock 13b engine. i am not a technically qualified person but just a collector; so will sell this “as is” for parts with no guarantee on anything. there are wear all around; but not too bad in my judgement; water pump does not seem to work; mileage is estimates only and less than about 200 miles with the newly replaced motor.. tires are in good condition (2 are about 90%; and the other 2 are about 55%). rare opportunity to experience this historic vehicle from another era.

Fullscreen capture 542014 70504 AM.bmp This is a very rare and wonderful beast of a wagon, and the starting bid of $2,000 seems to be rather cheap for what this is, but what do you think? See the eBay listing here: [sc:ebay itemid=”291137041241″ linktext=”1974 Mazda RX-4 Wagon ” ] Fullscreen capture 542014 70628 AM.bmp Now take a look at this 1980 Peugeot 504 Wagon equipped with a Diesel. The listing represents this Wagon as a low mileage, time warp type of vehicle, and it may be your last opportunity to own one of these iconic vehicles in this condition. According to the listing:

here for your consideration is an unmolested low mileage time warp condition example of Peugeot’s iconic 504 wagon. this vehicle has under 43,000 original miles.. most unusual as most of these cars tended to get used heavily and covered large mileages (my last one had over 554,000 miles on it before It found a new owner) this car has its original folder with owners manual, service book etc. Fullscreen capture 542014 70622 AM.bmp be aware that this car has sat, unused for the best part of 10years. there are a few dings and dents here and there on the car. registration status is ‘non op’ with no back fees. to pay, the tag on the licence plate is dated 1996. I fitted new battery and starter motor, checked and topped up the fluids as neccessary and road tested it on my 1/2 mile long driveway..it goes and stops and the trans shifts smoothly thorough all gears..no unusaul noises ..all consistent with a low mileage car that has been very well looked after. The indirect injection normally aspirated diesel engines starts right up from cold after the glow plugs have done their bit.. no hesitation or misfires.. instant start once it turns over..hot or cold. Fullscreen capture 542014 70704 AM.bmp there is a tear along the stitching of central seam of the drivers seat base..otherwise interior is exceptionally good. Due to age of vehicle. it is sold ‘as is, where is’ no warranty expressed or implied. Id be happy to help your transport driver load the car ..I can assist if it needs to go to a shipping agent for export.

Fullscreen capture 542014 70633 AM.bmp With 16 hours to go until this listing ends, the top bid so far is $3,501, with an unmet reserve. How much do you think this handsome wagon will go for? See the eBay listing here: [sc:ebay itemid=”141270499504″ linktext=”1980 Peugeot 504 Diesel Wagon ” ] Toyota Other Cressida  eBay - Google Chrome 542014 71122 AM.bmp Finally, here is a 1978 Toyota Cressida Wagon powered by a conventional Toyota 2.6L 4M inline six-cylinder that produced 108hp when new. According to the listing:

This 1978 Toyota Cressida wagon is an extraordinary example of one of the most difficult to find of all the ’70s Japanese collectibles. It was the first year of what was Toyota’s luxury flagship, and they were expensive, especially the wagons, stickering at $8000, a hefty sum in 1978. This front-engine, rear-drive platform would later give way to the front-drive Avalon, but during its reign, the Cressida gained a reputation for being the most dependable car on the market. Toyota Other Cressida  eBay - Google Chrome 542014 71132 AM.bmp This is one of the finer examples of the inaugural wagon. I spent years looking for one of this caliber. It has 105,775 actual miles and is in mostly very fine original condition. It’s a beautiful, 36-year-old car with flaws that I’ll do my best to disclose. That said, it did win Best Cressida at the 2013 Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach. Color is Copper Metallic with wood grain. Tires have lots of tread (see photo). Toyota Other Cressida  eBay - Google Chrome 542014 71237 AM.bmp History. The previous registered owners were a couple in Portland, Oregon, who had the car serviced regularly at Broadway Toyota. I have their service records going back to 1994. Surprisingly, the couple turned the car in on a new Toyota and I bought it on eBay from the wholesaler. He installed very nice new upholstery and wood grain. They did a good job on the wood grain except for some bubbling around the license plate. The paint and chrome are mostly in excellent condition, but there are minor nicks and signs of wear, particularly around the driver’s door window where the door was handled. There are a few areas that have been dabbed with matching touch-up paint.

Toyota Other Cressida  eBay - Google Chrome 542014 71148 AM.bmp The listing is a rather long one, so I thought you should read it for yourself… Anyway, with four days to go until the auction ends, there hasn’t been an opening bid yet (which is $4,000 by the way). The listing also has a Buy-it-Now price of $6,000, just in case you’re interested. See the listing here: [sc:ebay itemid=”191157485436″ linktext=”1978 Toyota Cressida Woodie Wagon ” ]

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