Weekend Edition: The 1989-1993 Honda Accord Coupé

honda_accord_coupe_10 In the follow-up to last post’s third generation Honda Accord coupé, you can see the fourth generation car tread similar water as the Acura-branded cars. Especially in sandy beige with frying pan wheels, the newer coupe manages to look somehow Legend-like. Not legend-ary, as that would have stolen sales from the bigger coupe relative, right? honda_accord_coupe_1 Again an American development, the CB body car does much the same as the preceding car. The biggest engine here was a 2.2-litre version of the F-series engine. honda_accord_coupe_13 But drop the suspension just a touch, choose the wheels convincingly and the car manages to look fairly excellent from some angles. Still, the crucial thing to do here is… honda_accord_coupe_6 Choosing red leather. It looks amazing here. honda_accord_coupe_5 Naturally, the glorious redness extends to the dashboard and even the shift lever. That eagle logo in the steering wheel is the Honda of America sign, also seen in the C-pillar of the car.

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