Weekend Edition – Snowy Town Sightings


Great news! I mentioned some time ago, in the Tempra post, that my Macbook Pro had decided it no longer wanted to co-operate with the hard drive, and thus became a rather expensive slab of aloominum without any real-world use. Well, it has now returned from warranty-covered service, and we’re back on track with the Hooniverse slack. Or something like that.

This means I can yet again relay some DSLR shots from over here, and on a relaxed weekend such as this it should be just fine.


You should be able to recognize this Citroën XM from an earlier post. Yeah, it’s dirty and snowy and salty as anything, but it still cuts a nice figure on the street.


Definitely recognizable.


Moving to even more challenging shapes, how about this chrome-laden PT Cruiser? The script on the grille says “Street Machine”



But as bubble-shaped cars come, I prefer this bug-eyed Celica.


Running the plates reveals it as the base 1.8 GSi model with a mere 115hp, but if you just think of it as a more attractive Corolla, you should get along with it alright. It’s no rally stage stormer, but a Celica will always be OK.


For the more conservative, a nicely preserved Mercedes-Benz W201 190D. It’s not an original Finnish car despite the period-correct plates, as those side markers aren’t right. Probably a UN import.


And another blocky sight: a big old Suburban representing the more handsome American vehicles.

[Images: Copyright 2014 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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