Weekend Edition – Seven Unique and Collectible Cars on eBay due to delinquent storage fees…

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What do you say to a business that will take possession of classic or collectible cars for delinquent storage fees? This is about as bad as it gets, and it’s really the fault of all those “Storage Wars” reality television shows, and disgusting “Pawn Broker” shows that seem to be all the rage right now. To my way of thinking, this is really piling on the misery and misfortune of people when they have either lost their job, lost their house, or are going through the heart wrenching reality of divorce. Clowns like this take advantage of these situations, and come out raking in the money at the expense of the unfortunate. I compare them to the “Carpetbaggers” who infiltrated the southern states during reconstruction after the Civil War, as outsiders that took advantage of the situation only to enrich themselves. Anyway, enough of my editorial rant, and on with highlighting these seven cars…

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This is a 1958 Studebaker Silver Hawk:

Vin# G1412238, 289 cubic inch Motor, Rear Wheel Drive, V8 Cylinders, Automatic Transmission, Fuel Type: Gasoline, Mileage: 88,774

Current high bid with seven days to go is $10,500 with an unmet reserve. [sc:ebay itemid=”111133532960″ linktext=”1958 Studebaker Silver Hawk” ]

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This is a 1982 Dodge 400 Convertible:

Vin# 1B3BV45B8cG161334, BRAKES DO NOT WORK, 2.2 Liter Motor, Front Wheel Drive, Mileage: 115,730, Power Brakes, Power Steering, 3 Speed Automatic Transmission, 2-Door Convertible, Exterior Color: White, Interior Color: Red, Fuel Type: Gasoline, 4-cyl. 135cid/84hp 2bbl

Starting bid is $2,500, with no bids so far. [sc:ebay itemid=”111133535911″ linktext=”1982 Dodge 400 Convertible” ]

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This is a 1978 Lincoln Continental Mk V Coupe:

Vin# 8Y89A957006, 460 Cubic Inch, 4 Barrel Motor, Rear Wheel Drive, V8 Cylinders, 3 Speed Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Air Conditioning is broken, Power Windows, Fuel Type: Gasoline.

Current high bid with seven days to go is $1,000 with an unmet reserve. [sc:ebay itemid=”111133562721″ linktext=”1978 Lincoln Continental Mk V Coupe” ]

Fullscreen capture 842013 93119 AM.bmp

This is a 1963 Ford Thunderbird:

VIN: 3Y82Z132470, 390 FE Motor, Rear Wheel Drive, V8 Cylinders, 3 Speed Automatic, Fuel Type: Premium Gasoline, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Air Conditioning, Power Windows, 2-Door Coupe, Exterior Color: White, Interior Color: Red, Mileage: 58,600.

Current high bid with seven days to go is $11,000 and the reserve has been met. [sc:ebay itemid=”200948907541″ linktext=”1963 Ford Thunderbird” ]

Fullscreen capture 842013 93049 AM.bmp

This is a 1970 Mercury Marauder Coupe:

Vin# 0260Y550040, 390 FE Motor, Rear Wheel Drive, V8 Cylinders, 3 Speed Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Air Conditioning, Fuel Type: Gasoline, 8 Track Player Radio, 2-Door Coupe, Exterior Color: White, Interior Color: Dark Blue, Mileage: 59,403.

Current high bid with seven days to go is $5,000 with an unmet reserve. [sc:ebay itemid=”200948915500″ linktext=”1970 Mercury Marauder Coupe” ]

Fullscreen capture 842013 93000 AM.bmp

This is a 1987 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z:

Vin# 1G1FP21F2HN112746, 305 TPI Motor, Rear Wheel Drive, V8 Cylinders, Transmission: 4 Speed, Overdrive Automatic, T-Top, 2- Door Coupe, Exterior Color: Yellow, Interior Color: Gray, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows, Cassette Player Radio, Odometer Reading: 97,764.

Current high bid with seven days to go is $3,350 with an unmet reserve. [sc:ebay itemid=”200948916383″ linktext=”1987 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z” ]

Fullscreen capture 842013 92825 AM.bmp

This is a 1957 Lincoln Premiere Coupe:

VIN: 57WA25596L, 8-cyl. 368cid/300hp 4bbl, Rear Wheel Drive, Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Air Conditioning, Power Windows, 2-Door Coupe, Fuel Type: Gasoline, Odometer Reading:121,793, Color: Light Blue, Interior Color: Blue and White.

Current high bid with seven days to go is $10,000 with an unmet reserve. [sc:ebay itemid=”111133565432″ linktext=”1957 Lincoln Premiere Coupe” ]

Fullscreen capture 842013 93145 AM.bmp

Are any of these cars worth the money, and can you live with yourself if you decide to purchase such a vehicle under these circumstances? That will be the Question of the Weekend.

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22 responses to “Weekend Edition – Seven Unique and Collectible Cars on eBay due to delinquent storage fees…”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    This car was being stored by a private individual that became delinquent in the storage fees. Over a period of approx. 3 years; the owner of our company took legal action and applied to get the titles from the state. (which we have)
    That text is in every one of these ads. So all seven of these are being sold by the same company, and the company is not a used car specialist but a used machinery specialist. If theyre telling the truth, I'd say it's just fine to auction them off. Three years of lien sale wrangling? Where was the owner? Did the delinquent even have the titles? Was the owner a complete prick and do they deserve what they're getting? You can't know these things.
    Whoever owned these cars obviously had enough bucks to afford a Lincoln Premier. And enough trouble keeping up with their collection that they let it sit and rot and get yanked out from under them. Not exactly tugging at my heart strings. Time to let some more responsible, capable collector have them.
    (This is all assuming the seller is telling the truth. IDK how you prove someone did not even try to pay you. Could be the owner left the detail in the hands of a scoundrel attorney that was bilking them, but hey, that's why you keep tabs on your agents.)

  2. Wiremaster Avatar

    What is going on on the back of that Lincoln? It looks like a bumper extension just to accommodate the spare wheel.

    1. Jim Brennan Avatar
      Jim Brennan

      This was common in the 50s with dealer installed "Continental" kits. You see, to have the spare tire there, they simply extended the rear bumper, and used filler panels between the body and the bumper. Later "Continental" kits were simply hung onto the back bumper.

  3. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    I'd love to give that little Dodge with the rear fender spats a good home.
    The wording is so harsh and impersonal; Air Conditioning not working? On a 40 year old car? Intolerable!

  4. cruisintime Avatar

    Reality television is a misnomer,reality has no script. That said these are decent cars and will sell at fair prices. My opinion is the "unpaid storage" is B.S.- just a gimmick.

  5. stigshift Avatar

    Looking at that K-car, I think it's stated mileage is 100K over. Look at the interior, and the pedals. There is NO wear, and those things weren't exactly built to last. Looks like an all original low miler to me.But I'll take the Premiere and the Marauder, please.

    1. dukeisduke Avatar

      I agree, it's gotta be 15,730 miles. Look at the armrests and the pull straps on the doors, the pedals, the carpet, underhood, etc. They all look too good.

  6. dukeisduke Avatar

    I like the T-Bird and the Marauder, but the T-Bird looks like it has a little rust in front of the left rear wheelwell. The Marauder is a 390 2-barrel, which would get even worse mileage than the 4-barrel.

  7. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    Stude, Marauder and Premier are rather nice. No telling what shape they're really in, so you're buying a gift horse.

  8. Dillon Lowe Avatar
    Dillon Lowe

    I want that Mercury Marauder in my garage right nowwwww. Oh my god.

  9. David Marden Avatar
    David Marden

    I don't see the problem. Storage companies are not in the business of storing stuff for free. I bet their dumpster and garbage fees from people's abandoned junk far exceeds what they make auctioning off a few cars.

  10. NothingHappens Avatar

    Jim, I disagree with your editorial.
    The former owner breached their contract with the seller, the seller has the right to take possession (where I ply my trade this would be via the Repair and Storage Liens Act, RSO 1990, c R25, which also allows mechanics to apply liens for unpaid repairs, etc…). You pay for the space, you store stuff, you cease to pay, you forfeit anything you've left. Very simple. As to the three years of legal action to get titles, I don't know PA law, it happens.
    The storer has no legal obligation to "be nice" or "help out" the storee.
    If we wish to have the rights and freedom to make contracts as grown adults we must also shoulder the co-relative responsibilities thereto – i.e. pay your bills.
    I want the Mercury.

    1. OA5599 Avatar

      Ordinarily, the storage place would have a lien on the items being stored. The amount would be for the value of the storage plus other costs involved in selling them. The lienholder would conduct the sale of the car, take out storage fees and costs from the proceeds, and turn anything over those amounts back to the seller.
      In this case, the starting/minimum/current bids add up to over $40K. The auctioneer claims to have the titles. If he has the titles because of a deal with the owner, like "hand over the titles and I'll auction the cars and we'll split anything above $X, than I'm fine with that. If the auction person has the titles because he is friends with the person who owns the storage place, and bought the cars for $100 each as part of a secret unadvertised sale,, and is now trying to make a $40K profit for his efforts, he is still a sleazeball.
      $40K is a lot of money for car storage. If the owner got into financial trouble and still had his wits about him, he could list the cars on ebay, sell them for what the market brings, and use the proceeds to pay for storage plus put some cash in his pocket. I wonder if the owner could not think to do that, perhaps because of Alzheimer's or some other disability.

      1. Vairship Avatar

        It would not surprise me if the owner passed away or is severely ill, and the family/heirs (if any) don't know about these cars. Judging by the condition of for example the T-bird, these were clearly someone's pride and joy until not too long ago…

  11. Sjalabais Avatar

    I understand your outrage, because what happebs here seems outsized. But if the owner had paid the rent with rents and legal costs, these vehicles would not be auctioned off. Simple, really.
    The Premier is beautiful! I'd drive that to work and answer all questions…

  12. mseoul Avatar

    The Bird is beautiful. The interior shot is a T Bird, probably that one. Has a swing a way steering wheel and just one of most beautiful dashes of all time. Look at that curved aluminum, looks like a JU 52 fuselage or a piece of aluminum luggage. Fixed in time but timeless.

  13. Manic_King Avatar

    What's the cost of storing cars in America? I mean, if owner had sold 1-3 least desirable cars from this collection he would've probably met his obligations, no? And if process took 3 years, he had plenty of time to do something…..

    1. scoudude Avatar

      Well if the fee was past due then the owner of the place that it is being stored at has the right to lock them out and refuse to release the car(s) until the past due fees are paid. However they likely could have arranged a sale and went there with the cash to pay off the storage facility and get them released. How much it costs depends on exactly where they are located and whether it is inside or outside storage. If it is inside it could easily exceed $200 per month.

  14. mac350 Avatar

    I'll take the T-bird and the IROC Camaro. I had a 61 Bird with the same colors but no air and hand crank window. Loved it. It was a Texas car and it had a little rust in the same area that this one has. The interior was cool – the best looking dash in any car I had. The IROC looks like it would make a good little cruise machine. I never had one but would have liked to. No telling the circumstances of loss of the vehicles by the owner. I've seen situations where an older person dies, the kids take what they want and the rest (sometimes valuable stuff) goes into a dumpster. Sounds like the owner of the storage facility took the legal steps to do what he had to do. Getting titles for these cars was a big step and will help sell the cars.

  15. MVEilenstein Avatar

    "I compare them to the “Carpetbaggers” who infiltrated the southern states during reconstruction after the Civil War"
    Damn Yankees.

  16. Jason Avatar

    I wonder what is up with the Chrysler 400's dual exhaust?

  17. PushrodRWD Avatar

    I have always loved the Studebaker Hawk cars. The late 50s body with an early 60's interior would be a great combo. They had that cool Avanti gauge cluster in the 60s. I have always thought that the Hawk cars could be considered the first muscle/pony cars. Small(er) car with a 289 (supercharged with the right options) and a 4-speed stick…__Do you get the zebra stripe sweatpants, muscleshirt and gold horn necklace with the IROC? Either way I would get that car too although I would prefer a GTA.__The T-Bird is nice too.