Recently Updated62 Continuing on with our Sunday of Quick Hits, and I found these two Incredible Chrysler Luxury Sedans that are currently on the selling block. The first is a 1962 Imperial Crown Sedan, and the other is an Imperial by another name, a 1977 Chrysler New Yorker. These two cars were produced 15 years apart, but you can still see the lineage between them. Tempting or not? 1962 Chrysler Imperial Crown - Google Chrome 5172014 111159 PM.bmp Let’s start out with this 1962 Imperial Crown Sedan, which really looks magnificent. This is one of the last Hurrahs from the extroverted Chrysler designer, Virgil Exner, with the free standing headlights, to the open rear window, set off by the free standing tail-lights that were toned down by Exner’s replacement, Elwood Engel. This car had all the Chrysler Styling Trademarks of the era, including a Driver Side Seatback that was higher than the rest of the seat, a squared off steering wheel, the infamous push-button Touqueflite Automatic, and this was one of the last Chrysler produced cars that still showed a hint of Tail Fins, even though they were toned down considerably. (They disappeared the following year for good). 1962 Chrysler Imperial Crown - Google Chrome 5172014 111218 PM.bmp This particular car claims to have only 73,000 miles on the odometer, and it is claimed to be all original. It really looks stately, regal, and more interesting that a Cadillac of the same year (but less interesting that a Lincoln Continental, if I may say so…). Asking price for this very interesting Imperial is $15,000, which seems like a lot, but remember, this is an original Luxury Sedan from the early 1960’s. See the listing here, and tell me what you think about it. Fullscreen capture 5172014 111144 PM.bmp The next car is a 1977 Chrysler New Yorker, but this body style really started out as an Imperial in 1974. Along the way, Chrysler decided to stop using the Imperial Nameplate during the mid 70’s, but kept the body style going for another four years. This is an unusual New Yorker, as it is equipped with the Chrysler Road Wheels (they look smashing by the way), and no Vinyl Top (that also looks great, which is rather surprising…) Fullscreen capture 5172014 111121 PM.bmp Inside this New Yorker, the seats are not Vinyl, nor are they Leather… It is rather interesting that you see a luxury car of this time period in a very interesting textured cloth in a striped pattern… I rather like it. I also like the shade of Brown, but I guess you already knew that. The car has covered more miles that the 15 year older Imperial, at 98,000, but the asking price seems to have gone missing. What do you think it’s worth? See the listing here, and tell me in the comments. Fullscreen capture 5172014 111129 PM.bmp