Weekend Edition Quick Hit – The Nicest 1978 Subaru GL1600 Station Wagon you will ever see…

Subaru Other GL1600  eBay - Google Chrome 8232014 64504 PM.bmp Continuing on with our wagon weekend, and here is probably the oldest Subaru Wagon I have seen in quite some time. This is a 1978 GL 1600 4WD Wagon that looks like it was just delivered off the showroom floor, which is quite a treat because these cars had rust issues during this time period. This is a unicorn, but does that make it magically desirable? Subaru Other GL1600  eBay - Google Chrome 8232014 64509 PM.bmp According to the detailed listing:

You are bidding on a 1978 Subaru Station Wagon GL1600 4wd with 15,000miles or 115,000miles I’m not sure on the actual mileage because the odometer only goes up to 99,999miles. This a very rare Subaru model that is in great original condition. The wagon runs and drives beautifully; and looks very nice for its age. But please feel free to read more about the specifics of this Subaru and look at the pictures for verifications, please feel free to ask any questions via email. Subaru Other GL1600  eBay - Google Chrome 8232014 64459 PM.bmp The body is very nice and straight with no major dents anywhere on the car. The paint is still nice and shinny for its age and the color stands out really nice; there are some minor paint boils on the front left and right fenders as you can see in the pictures but the front fenders are the only ones that have any boils like that, the rest of the paint is in very nice shape. The front grill and front bumper are in perfect shape with no dents or dings, and the chrome is nice a shinny; the rear bumper has a dent in it but I think this could be straightened out. The car had some kind of black undercoating that was put on a while back by the previous owner for rust protection, Under the car there are signs of rust in spots as you can see in the pictures but there are no holes that go through anywhere on the body. The body is in great shape for how old this car is. Subaru Other GL1600  eBay - Google Chrome 8232014 64544 PM.bmp The interior is in perfect condition, there are absolutely no rips anywhere on the original upholstery. The carpet is in perfect condition with no major ware marks and absolutely no holes anywhere. Also the front dash has no cracks the only crack I see is by the ashtray and its about 1/4inch long, so its a very very very small crack, the dash is basically perfect. Everything on the interior works perfect, all lights light up as they should and all levers and buttons works as they should. Basically the whole interior is show room quality its very very nice, please look at the pictures for more details of the interior. Subaru Other GL1600  eBay - Google Chrome 8232014 64551 PM.bmp The car runs and drives great, it starts right up and drives very nicely, it cruises comfortably at 60mph and responds great on the road. I did a full tune up and an oil change so nothing will need to be done to the engine any time soon. The transmission shifts nice and smooth and the 4wd works great. The only thing I would suggest is to change the tires, they don’t have much thread left on them. All of the electrics work great all lights light up as they should and all of the lights are still the original Subaru lights. Subaru Other GL1600  eBay - Google Chrome 8232014 64529 PM.bmp This car comes with the optional 2 battery set-up. Original owners manual, original jack and Subaru tool which all in perfect condition. If you want a nice original rare old Subaru than this is a great car for you. This car drives great, looks great and everything works as it should. Even all the door seals look like new and are still nice and soft. But please feel free to email me with any additional questions about the car…

Subaru Other GL1600  eBay - Google Chrome 8232014 64516 PM.bmp With about eight days to go until the auction ends, the top bid so far is $2,650, with an unmet reserve. Like I stated above, this is a unicorn among Subaru enthusiasts, and that has to account for something. This is the car that started the whole 4WD revolution for the company, and this is a rare and wonderful example. Let me know what you think after looking at the listing here: [sc:ebay itemid=”121416830825″ linktext=”1978 Subaru GL 1600 4WD Wagon ” ]

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