Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Let's take a look at a 1963 Rambler American 440 Wagon With Factory Bucket Seats!

AMC American 440 Wagon High Option  eBay - Google Chrome 8232014 60729 PM.bmp Well, here is agreat start to the Sunday Edition of the Hooniverse Weekend, and this weekend I am highlighting some interesting, and rather unusual Wagons. This is a 1963 Rambler American, which was the last year before the all new Rambler American was introduced for 1964. This is a highly optioned vehicle for what was a bottom of the line type of vehicle during this time period. Does that make it even more desirable? AMC American 440 Wagon High Option  eBay - Google Chrome 8232014 60750 PM.bmp According to the detailed listing:

This is a really cool, unique, and VERY RARE Rambler Surf Wagon. Top of the line, highly optioned 440 model. Super clean original California black plate little wagon. I bought it with a hot rod conversion in mind but its too rare, original, and nice to start chopping up so I’m offering it up in original stock condition. The American model is smaller than the other AMC wagons and most wagons of the period… cool look!! Has the original legendary 195 6 cylinder and optional 3 speed automatic… It works amazingly well in this wagon… plenty powerful and super smooth!! This little classic has very rare Airliner bucket Seats, Center Console, Full Carpet, Roof Rack, Deluxe Interior and more in great condition all around. Looks awesome with just a bit of original patina and proper period correct hot rod stance… looks, runs, and drives great. Cool vintage wagon would be awesome weekend cruiser, daily driver, or addition to any collection… AMC American 440 Wagon High Option  eBay - Google Chrome 8232014 60819 PM.bmp The body is pretty darn straight and rust free… underside is super solid… nice and clean. Repaint in original correct color presents great but not a show job by any means… Has a couple of rough spots and blemishes. Still gets the thumbs up all day long…:):):) It has a cool stance with period correct rims, caps and tires… doors close tight and windows work nice… Get’s looks and compliments everywhere we roll… perfectly fine to drive as is or go in any direction you want… personally I was going to go Surf Wagon all the way but would make a great hot rod, low rider, sleeper… etc. AMC American 440 Wagon High Option  eBay - Google Chrome 8232014 60839 PM.bmp The interior is really great… all original and in nice shape all around… … Dash and gauges are nice and work properly. Optional air liner reclining seats have been redone. Panels and headliner are in nice shape with a couple of minor imperfections. Original AM radio works perfectly as do the lights and electronics. AMC American 440 Wagon High Option  eBay - Google Chrome 8232014 60908 PM.bmp Original 195 3.3 liter motor starts idles and runs fantastic… Freshly rebuilt 3 speed auto shifts smooth and strong through the gears… Gear ratios are great around town and cruises really nice on the freeway as well. Has surprisingly good ride and brakes stop straight and sure. Strong and reliable… freshly serviced and ready to roll.

AMC American 440 Wagon High Option  eBay - Google Chrome 8232014 60927 PM.bmp There is a little over four days to go until the auction ends, and the highest bid so far is $2,025 with an unmet reserve. This really is a great wagon, with rather low mileage, a great stance, and cheap to run and maintain. What’s not to like? Tell me what you think of this wagon after taking a look at the listing here: [sc:ebay itemid=”161401849930″ linktext=”1963 AMC Rambler American 440 Wagon ” ]

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