Weekend Edition Quick Hit – Future Lemon Edition; A 1979 Chrysler Cordoba…

79 Chrysler Cordoba Mopar B body - Google Chrome 4192014 101826 AM.bmp

This weekend, our esteemed 24-hours-of-LeMons Expert, Eric Rood, is at the Gingerman Raceway for the Cure for Gingervitis event, so I thought it would be a great time to introduce another Facebook Page that is loosely tied in with this (or any) LeMons event… Future $500 race cars! Even if the owner doesn’t know it yet. And I will start out this particular Quick Hit with this magnificent Chrysler Cordoba.

79 Chrysler Cordoba Mopar B body - Google Chrome 4192014 101833 AM.bmp

According to the detailed (at least for Craigslist) listing:

I am reposting this ad but would like to let you know this is a project car. Please don’t bring your life savings and think you are going to buy this car and drive it to work tomorrow. It may work just fine with some TLC but I don’t want you to call me with visions of grandeur. The last time I moved there were no brakes so plan having a trailer. Now for the original ad..

I am posting this car for my father…he bought this car brand new in 79. It needs restoring or to be used for parts…when it was parked about 10 years ago it would not shift… But it ran….it has a 2bbl 360 with the 904 transmission. It has some rust in trunk lid and corner where landau top was seamed by the back glass…He also has a bunch of new interior panels for it because he wanted to restore it…but has since decided that he is no longer interested in fooling with cars…car is pretty straight though and had been repainted once before when my grandfather was driving it. Motor ran pretty good when parked. He bypassed all the lean burn garbage but it could benefit greatly from a different intake and carburetor setup….I haven’t tried to crank it lately. I did use the voltage regulator and pigtail on a Dakota project. If you bring a battery the you can try to get it to turn over… for more info…call text email.

Price is firm. It is a one owner car and my father can tell you every thing ever done to it. Pictures were last year when I cleaned it up once for him. Since, it has just sat under some trees waiting on me to fool with it but he did try to keep it covered. I started removing the landau top to see how bad things were under it so that is the only thing different than the pics.

79 Chrysler Cordoba Mopar B body - Google Chrome 4192014 101830 AM.bmp

Asking price is $600, and the listing stated that the price is firm… So, buy the car, sell off all the interior panels, drop a junkyard Torqueflite, and you’re under the $500 threshold. I’d keep the vinyl roof, and the wire wheel covers, and then go racing for a class 3 win… See the listing here, if you dare.

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