Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A Badass 1967 Chevrolet Nova on Craigslist

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This is a new feature for me, and I’m calling it the Weekend Edition Quick Hit. This is where I find something interesting, post it here in the ‘Verse with little to no additional commentary, and ask our fans to discuss. I found this one over at the Black Steelies, White Letters, and the Almighty Dog Dish Facebook Page, and there is nothing I can add to that…

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According to the Sacramento Craigslist Listing:

This car was a 3 year project that was just completed. Paint and bodywork was done locally and is very straight and deep. The body had no rust. There is no pitting on the stainless. The car is light and fast with a 350 engine, big cam, holly 750 and headers. The previous owner said less than 12,000 miles on the engine. It runs and sounds very strong with a radical cam and loud exhaust. The engine was pulled to paint and detail. While it was out the engine compartment was painted and detailed. Turbo 350 automatic tranny with a shift kit. All of the wiring has been redone and all blinkers, lights and gauges work.

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The suspension has been updated and now has coil overs on front with rack and pinion steering. Then interior, headliner and carpet are relatively new and show very little wear. It has a tilt chrome steering column and wood steering wheel. The trunk compartment now houses the gas filler and has been detailed as well. This is an exceptional car that looks and drives very good. The stance is perfect. This will win trophy’s. I can send more photos and a video of a walk around and start up if requested.

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This is a very aggressive looking car and could be a real show stopper, and with an asking price of $23,900 it better be. See the listing here.

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