Weekend Edition Quick Hit – A 1985 Pulse Autocycle found on Craigslist…

1985 Pulse Autocycle, RARE, Unique! - Google Chrome 962014 95650 AM.bmp I am going to begin this weekend with a vehicle that I thought I would never find on the list that is Craig… A Pulse Autocycle. Back in September of 2012, I did a Weekend of Discovery, and this peculiar vehicle was one of the postings, and you can read all about it here. It is a strange and wonderful vehicle, but would you want to own one? 1985 Pulse Autocycle, RARE, Unique! - Google Chrome 962014 95743 AM.bmp According to the Dallas Craigslist Listing:

Pulse #045. I have owned this amazing vehicle since 1993. It has always been garaged, and is in beautiful condition. I have the clear Texas title in my name. For LOTS more information, go to the Pulse website at: www.autocycles.org This is the first time in over 20 years that I have offered this vehicle for sale, now health and finances have forced my hand. I am offering it first on Craigslist, but if it does not sell quickly it will be put up on eBay. This Pulse was last driven in 1996, and has been in storage ever since. It will require a new battery and carburetor cleaning. Everything else is OK. Want to win a lot of Car or Motorcycle Shows? Want to have the most unique vehicle in the neighborhood? Want to own a VERY collectible mode of transportation (less than 350 were produced by the Owasso Motor Car Company)? You need this Pulse! 1985 Pulse Autocycle, RARE, Unique! - Google Chrome 962014 95736 AM.bmp The Pulse is described as: “The PULSE is a “GCRV”, or Ground Cruising Recreational Vehicle. This new term appropriately describes the PULSE because the vehicle has the performance and acceleration of a motorcycle engineered into a comfortable weatherproof vehicle with many of the attributes of an automobile. An alternate term for the PULSE is an “autocycle”. Its body resembles a high performance jet aircraft, yet drives like a sports car. The exceptionally long wheel base provides unmatched stability and driving comfort for a vehicle of its weight, class and fuel economy. It seats two (tandem) and has almost six (6) cubic feet of storage space. 1985 Pulse Autocycle, RARE, Unique! - Google Chrome 962014 95731 AM.bmp The PULSE has been designed to provide dependable, safe & economical transportation in a brand new form of fun machine. This 1985 model is powered by a air-cooled 400cc motorcycle engine. The Pulse has driving controls like those in an automobile with a manual transmission. Slide back the canopy and settle into the comfortable cockpit of the PULSE. The full instrumentation is neatly arranged, oil light and temperature gauges & tachometer. Punch the accelerator, you’re ready for take off working your way through the 6 gears as you slide effortlessly through the traffic or on an open freeway. The PULSE provides a driving experience unequalled in any other type of vehicle.”

1985 Pulse Autocycle, RARE, Unique! - Google Chrome 962014 95743 AM.bmp The firm asking price for this unique thing is $10,000, and I really can’t make up my mind as to whether it is worth it or not. I guess it takes a special buyer looking for this particular type of vehicle, and then maybe it is worth it, but what do you think… See the listing here.

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