Weekend Edition – Party Fears Two: Nissan MID-4 II


The 1987 Nissan MID-4 II concept was the logical successor to the 1985 MID-4. At this point, the design had evolved from the sharper, compact-looking 1985 car to a more fluid, more LeMans sort of work. The front works, but the rear is an another question altogether.


The front actually brings to mind the early-’90s Lotus Elan FWD, as it’s all wide cheeks and pop-up headlights. Top marks for this.


But the rear: what? The rear fascia moulds late Z31 taillights onto a curiously wide rear, and the haunches overpower the somewhat inset wheels.

Instead of the earlier car’s naturally aspirated VG30DE, the MID-4 II uses the DETT version of the same engine, producing 330hp.


The interior is a realisation of partsbin-looking stuff, with R32 Skyline / Z32 300ZX / S13 200SX lines here and there.


All in all, I definitely prefer the earlier MID-4. It’s a crisper, more natural-looking car, and right now, on the street it would look like a definite classic. The newer car is merely bloated and plasticky in an early-’90s superhero comic fashion.

[Images: Nissan / minkara.carview.co.jp]


  1. The previous Mid-4 looked like an Esprit knock-off. Except for the engine bump, this one deserved far better.

  2. I'll admit the original MID-4 was a more cohesive design, but I sort of like this better. I'm a child of the early 90s.
    I would also like to see how this would've evolved if it made production.

  3. ….and in back we have a very small coffin for the hopes and dreams that the front end and side view inspires.

  4. The proportions of the MID4 are so much better. The MID4II seems a bit awkward in comparison.

  5. The nose looks like the love child of an NSX and an SW20 MR2. The roofline looks very SW20 as well. Not a good thing when your concept looks much more like the product of other companies than your own. But it was damn interesting from a technological standpoint. I wish they'd have pursued this further, an MR2 sized AWD mid-engine car with VG30DETT power? I'll take three.

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