Weekend Edition: More Forgotten Images


So my fellow Hoons, here it is time for more forgotten images from this olelongrooffan. As such, the premise is that as this is the last day of the first quarter of 2013, I would post a bunch of images I had taken this past quarter but for one reason or another have not yet posted for my fellow Hoons enjoyment. 

As strolling through U-Pull-It junkyards is a favorite pasttime of this olelongrooffan’s it is only fitting the above referenced license plate is included in this series of images. I gathered this one up while traveling out on Florida Highway 9 earlier this month. For once, my elcheapoebayacquired image taker did as it was asked and zoomed in on that New York license plate.

Feel free to click on through to see some more stuff this olelongrooffan procrastinated never got around to posting this past quarter.


Wait, not this one. I’m saving this one for a post all by itself.


Holy Shit this one too. Move on my fellow Hoons, move on.


Ah yes, a real keeper. At the home of the dude who owned that shorty 57, that Poncho ragtop and the car that looked like the one Man used to own had this beast out in the back yard.


My brother, Bus Plunge, used to own a boat load of this style vehicle back in the day. I’m not really sure if any of them had a basic pickup bed on the rear end of it of if they all were ambulances. Either way, they, and this one, are pretty neat pieces even if the top speed is probably something like 40 mph. And as thejeepjunkie says when talking about driving his CJ2A at that speed, “it’s like driving a sit down lawn mower at 40, shake, rattle and roll.”


And on the backside of that cool car owning dude’s house, he has another garage door thus making his garage one of the coolest drive thru’s this olelongrooffan has seen in a damn long time.


And it took me a second to remember why I captured this image of the landscape island. Then I remembered this is where I would park while attending an event out at my local racetrack on the occasion this olelongrooffan did not have vehicular access to the infield. This is at the entrance to the glass and mirror building that is NASCAR’s Florida headquarters as seen in the upper right of this image.


And trust me on this one. If you are cruising down the interstate highway system at speed in a semi truck, the last thing you want to see is white smoke billowing out from your exhaust pipes.


Yeah, even from a couple thousand yards away, it is still not a good thing.

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