Weekend Edition – Misfit Toys (Legends of the 24 Hours of LeMons) is selling off its toys…

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Well, this is sad news, but I can relate to their predicament. Misfit Toys, the team that campaigned a 1958 Wartburg 311 in several 24-Hours-of-LeMons events (as well as other racing venues) is calling it quits, and they are now selling off their collection of toys, including that glorious Wartburg. What do you think about the news?

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I’m going to start with their Wartburg. It is currently on eBay, and according to the listing:

This started as a 1958 Wartburg 311, the Wartburg is an east german car and is very rare in the US. The car was stripped to the frame, the front engine front wheel drive drive train was removed and it has been converted to rear engine, rear wheel drive. It utilizes a 4 speed transaxle from a VW beetle with a Subaru 2.2 engine. Porsche 944 brakes all around and 944 front suspension with Ground Control coil overs grafted in. Porsche 911 steering rack and many many other custom touches. This car was featured in the August 2011 edition of Grassroots Motorsports magazine (a copy of the issue will come with the car)

This vehicle was used to compete in the 24 Hours of Lemons road race, The Big Apple to Big Easy road rally (over 3000 miles covered without incident) and the Grassroots Motorsports Challenge. The vehicle is street legal and is currently registered and tagged under a historic registration in NJ. As it has been used for racing it does lack creature comforts. Continue to use it as a unique racer or revert back to street use and add some creature comforts.

In addition to the car you will get all the parts which have been gathered for the next phase of this project which was to make it faster and wilder while returning it to a full street car. Parts include: a spare Subaru 2.2 engine, a Subaru 2.0 Turbo engine from a WRX complete with ECU and wiring harness, engine will need a new turbo and a valve job but it is good for an additional 100 hp over the current setup. Subaru STi interior (blue and black), a set of 16×10 and 16×11 CCW classic wheels and tires. A spare transmission. 1 set of coil over shocks for the rear and anything else I can find that pertains to this car.

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According to their Forum Posting (go ahead, and click the link… I dare you!) the car will be sold for $5,000, and you can race it with the other crap cans in LeMons if you use their formula. See the eBay listing here: [sc:ebay itemid=”330992846604″ linktext=”1958 Wartburg 311 Custom” ]

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If you think that’s the only toy the are selling, take a look at this 1990 Yugo GV Widebody. According to the posting over at the 24-Hours-of-LeMons forum:

1990 Yugo GV+
Fully gutted and flared widebody Yugo. Currently has 1300cc EFI motor, not running. Previous owner was trying to convert to megasquirt. All original wiring and ECU is still in tact. Current engine has a good 4-2-1 header installed. Currently sitting on 13 inch; widened steel wheels with racing slicks. An assortment of other used racing slicks as well as 205/60/13 BFG tires included. With the Fiat 500 on the US shores there is good availability for larger diameter wheels in the 4×98 pattern if desired.
6 or 7 (I’ve lost track) spare engines 1300 and 1500cc. Current spare motor in build up process is a 1500cc with 9.5:1 compression pistons, PBS built big valve head and a real (not regrind) Faza Daytona 40/80 cam. This WILL NOT run on the stock EFI, see info on MS system below.
Spare 5 speed transmission (original) a Steve Hoelsher built 4 speed is currently in the car. Steve is a multi time SCCA DP autox champion and transmission builder, its a good unit.
Mold to make a fiberglass hoods is included but no hoods have been pulled from it yet. Needs a final polish before ready to pull parts
MANY MANY MANY spare engine, brake and other mechanical parts included.
One of the last remaining sets of Koni Red shocks and struts for a Yugo in this country are included. Rear transverse leaf spring pack upgraded with extra spring. Further extra springs are included for tuning. Adco rear swaybar installed. This is a very light, very fast, good handling little car that just needs time invested.

Asking price for this car is $2,000, and you can race it in LeMons or Chump Car using his formula. For an extra $1,000 you can get a brand new in box microsquirt controller, Innovate wideband O2 sensor with gauge, and all the parts required for conversion to distributorless ignition. See the post at the 24-Hours-of-Lemons Forum here.

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So here are two cars that are very competitive in their own right, and I’m surprised that they are still for sale. So, what do you have to say about this?

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