Weekend Edition: Innocenti Turbo De Tomaso

innocenti_turbo_de_tomaso_1 The name “Innocenti” seems to refer to something completely different than a re-engineered Mini that has been built in Italy with a Japanese turbocharged three-cylinder power plant. But that it is, and here it is, making these pages just a little bit cooler by its existence. The car looks like it wants to punch you in the face – with style. innocenti_turbo_de_tomaso_2 The DAIHATSU script on the valve cover seems to fit in nicer than the De Tomaso TURBO detailing on the.. well, coffeemaker on top. tuning-innocenti-turbo-de-tomaso-01 The marketing material looks suitably awesome. Look at those gauges! And those are TRX wheels, by the way. !!resk7!BW0-$(KGrHqMOKjkEtlK)45jTBL,G,RjD4!--_27 I would want to see them in action. The speedometer needle somehow fits in there, and it runs clockwise – the rev gauge anti-clockwise. innocenti_turbo_de_tomaso_3 It’s narrow, it kind of looks like a shrunken Fiat 127 or a front-engined 126, and it packs a punch of 72 horsepower. I want one.

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