Weekend Edition: In The Lot At Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach

It’s 9:20 pm Saturday here on the East Coast. Antii is sleeping, Pete is doing the family thing, UDMan is still AWOL and all the Hooniverse Overlords are out partying their ass off or being parents, so this olelongrooffan, having just returned from the Barrett-Jackson festivities, decided to blow the whole scheduling thing here in the Hooniverse out of the water and post up some shit. And Yeah, I am stone cold sober and nicotine free. And it sucks. Big Time. Hope my fellow Hoons Enjoy.


As fellow Hooniverse contributor Jim Yu pointed out in his Cars of LeMons post a whiles back, sometimes the cars seen in the lot at car events are as cool as the cars we turn out to see. This olelongrooffan has mentioned previously that The Chief Blooger hooked me up with a sweet ass pass to the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach auction this weekend and I have certainly been taking advantage of the possession of that pass. I spent the bulk of the past three days twenty minutes south of TheStuccoBox I now call home attending that party and, while this post is somewhat delinquent for this weekend, I’ll get some more stuff up hopefully for my fellow Hoons enjoyment.

Having said that, this 2002 is certainly suitable for the book that is about your face Ornish Car Society and it was set up exactly to this olelongrooffan’s liking. Incidentally, that old blue longerroof in the background is treating me just fine. Thank you, thankyouverymuch.

Feel free to click on through to see some more stuff spotted in the lot at Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach.


This sticker was affixed to the rear window of a late model ‘burban parked next to that Ornish Bimmer.


And if a fancy assed BMW Ornish car just doesn’t do it for my fellow Hoons, how about a bone ass stock 1st gen Bronco in the same shade? Yeah, I thought so. It does it for me also. I mean, full wheel covers and saddle gas tanks are just the icing on the cake for this one.


I am fairly certain the driver of this ride has bigger kahunas than this olelongrooffan as is demonstrated by driving this awesome machine to Barrett-Jackson and parking it right out front. Yeah, I thought that was pretty damn cool of him.


Of course, there were a whole damned bunch of this type of vehicle to be seen in the lot there. But hey, this is the olelongrooffan and it is Hooniverse, so who the hell really gives a crap about them?


Let’s see some Dodge Demon with a 360 and factory hood scoops from the early 70’s action if you don’t mind.


Or how about a 74 Caprice convertible? 

Sorry my fellow Hoons but a slight digression is coming from this olelongrooffan. Feel free to skip over these musings for more images of what was seen in the lot at Barrett-Jackson that day.

I spent the 18th summer of my life living in a small coastal community, Grayton Beach, in Florida just west of Panama City Beach. I some became fast friends with a dude whose Dad owned an independent automobile leasing company in Montgomery, Alabama. Danny’s folks had a gorgeous beachfront home built up on stilts. Well, as you can imagine, as like minded 18 year olds we managed to have our share of fun. Anyway, his Pop had, for a while, a navy blue one of these with a white vinyl interior. Yeah, a real pimp mobile. On more than one opportunity Danny and this olelongrooffan would take that beautiful ragtop over to the strip that was Panama City Beach and have a blast just cruising up and down. Even though, back then, the drinking age was 18, we didn’t need to hit any clubs to have a bit-o-fun with some beach bunnies. Yeah, it is amazing what memories the mere sighting of a car brings back to this olelongrooffan. I haven’t thought of Bobby Reid’s convertible or his business in nearly 35 years.


It’s okay Hoons, my digression is over and let’s get back to the cars in the lot. I am fairly certain that there was never a factory offered 300 from that esteemed German manufacturer however this aftermarket ragtop looked pretty convincing. Not all together sure about the whitewalls though. 


And while this is the only SUV with that Barrett-Jackson lettering I captured an image of that day, trust me there were at least 30 of them from all of the Detroit Big Three.


Much like the Geo driver, this dude brought out a fun and somewhat rare Honda for my, and your, viewing pleasure.


But this Mitsu truck was the one that really did it for this olelongrooffan. It made me miss my olebeaterpickemup truck all the more. And see that errant paper cup in the lower left of that image. I drove by this truck again about 5 minutes later and noticed there was a groundskeeper guy who was collecting litter in that lot and he had picked it up. Yeah, that is the level of detail that Barrett-Jackson seems to imply.


Just down a bit from that Mitsu was this sweet thing. Pretty sure this is a Bentley ragtop and one I wouldn’t mind Hooning around for a day….or so.


Since Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach is held at the South Florida Fairgrounds where an agriculture presence is heavily felt, I felt it was only appropriate to include this first gen Super Cab offered by the Blue Oval.


This 250 was in pristine condition and I absolutely fell in love with it. My older brother, Bus_Plunge had one similar to it back in the day when he was hauling all his carnival joints around the midwest. I am confident it is no longer in as good of shape as this one is.


Yeah, dual gas tanks for that extended driving at 9 MPG and a heavy duty receiver out back. The Ford dealer installing that safety bumper, unlike a certain Fleetside seen recently, remains anonymous. 


And the interior of that old truck was just as beautiful as the exterior. Hand crank windows, skinny wood grain steering wheel and a nose that can’t be forgotten seen in the rear view mirror FTW.


As I headed over to the media designated parking lot (thanks again Chief Blooger)  a couple SSR’s were spotted. These things always remind me of Plymouth Prowlers for whatever reason.


Out in front of the exposition hall was this sweet ass Westie. This olelongrooffan so wanted to steal this sucker and come visit every one of my fellow Hoons. Yeah, I want one that bad.


And just to finish up this edition of the Seen In The Lot, how about an almost matching pair of Bentley ragtops framed by stair stepping trucks and SUVs in the background?

Stayed tuned.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2013/longrooffan

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