Weekend Edition – How about a 1972 Ford Country Squire Wagon, and it's not even Wednesday…

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Continuing on with the Sunday Edition of the Hooniverse Weekend, and I found another Facebook Group to waste time on, and it is called the Secret Society of the Simulated Woodie. Now, I know that all the fans of Hooniverse secretly crave Fake Wood Paneled Wagons, so yes, you can blame me for your further addiction. Anyway, while spending almost an hour on the page, I spotted this grand looking wagon that is currently on Craigslist…

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This 1972 Country Squire currently calls the Raleigh-Durham-Cary North Carolina region home… which brings up an interesting story I thought I would share with you.While working for a Swedish Multinational located near Danbury Connecticut, my boss at the time didn’t have his contract renewed, and had to look for work elsewhere in the very near future. This was right around 1992 (I remember this because his company car was a 1991 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer, quite the upmarket trendsetter during that time period). Anyway, he found a position as a Vice President for finance and acquisitions and had to relocate to Cary, North Carolina. You see, at that time, there were a lot of companies relocating to that area because of the proximity to a world class airport, and the fact that it is a right-to-work state. I asked what was soon to be my ex boss as to why he (and his new bride, btw) chose Cary. He told me that Cary had a secret… It was the Containment Area for Relocated Yankees! (this is where you laugh… or not)

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Back to the Country Squire. According to the Craigslist Listing:

There’s an article about this specific car on the Jalopnik website (a top-10 auto-interest website)! Just go there and search for “1972” and it’ll be the first one to appear.

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This is a complete, running, very nice unrestored station wagon purchased from the original owner’s estate. It has only 45,000 miles on it: The odometer has not turned over. There is very little rust; the paint is in good (not excellent) condition. The side wood paneling looks good when oiled; gets milky when dry. It’s not completely finished: could use some carpets (the originals have faded to an odd green color); the tailgate wood paneling is completely dried up and in pieces, and for some reason, the tailgate is currently stuck closed. Could use a tune up & exhaust leak fixed. The surrounding light wood trim (actually, aluminum) has been stripped and painted. Needs one trim part (passenger rear door, lower). This is the LAST year before the ugly big bumpers took over front end design for all manufacturers in 1973.

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It’s a great looking car, especially with the late model Mustang wheels now mounted (original wheels and hubcaps are available).
– 400ci V8 (Cleveland)
– 2 bbl carb
– C6 automatic
– Air conditioning
– Saddle tan Naugahyde interior
– No third row seats

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Asking price for this very big Ford is $4,750, which is really a bargain when you think about it. So, are you willing to trespass into the Containment Area for Relocated Yankees to get at this Ford, or are you just going to pass it by. See the Craigslist Listing here, and tell me your thoughts.

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