Walk around the back of this 1951 Mercury custom, and you’d never guess anything was out of the ordinary. There are plenty of old Mercs turned into hot rod low-and-slow type cruisers. It’s got loud paint and lake pipes, tucked and chopped and channeled everything else. However, when you move around to the front of the car, you get a bit of a WHOA moment. Check it out after the jump.
That’s right, that there is a Series II 3800 supercharged. Sitting transverse. Meaning it’s Front Wheel Drive and automatic shifted.
But just wait, there’s one more crazy secret lurking here. Check out the interior.
Yes, that’s a full Buick Riviera interior in there.
The owner wasn’t around, so I’m not exactly sure how they did this, but it looks to me like they grafted the entire body of a 1951 Mercury on top of a 1996-1999 Riviera Supercharged chassis. That’s just crazy. I applaud the work, but I’m forced to stand back in utter befuddlement.