With some minimal research it would appear that this is what is known as a Jeep FJ-3 delivery van. They were built in the early-to-mid 1960s, though not in notable quantities. This is the first one I’ve ever seen, and frankly had never heard of them. This  leads event the most avid Jeep historians to dub the FJ series of vans the “Forgotten Jeep”. The FJ-3 was primarily built for postal service delivery, accounting for their Right-Hand-Drive configuration. There was also an FJ-3A which was left driven, and had a proper Jeep vertical slat grille. More Photos after the jump.

This old van appears to have been a milk delivery van at one point, though perhaps it was repurposed later in life, or perhaps this is all a fiction created by the builder to give the van a more interesting story, though fake, as a conversation starter.
This Fleetvan was originally built with a 1000 pound load capacity, and that small 134ci four cylinder “Hurricane” engine certainly isn’t going to be setting any records for speed. That said, it’s a neat old piece of history.
Who makes modern white walls? I didn’t check out the tire manufacturer, but now I wish I had.
IMG_8484There is no brake pedal, just a gas pedal. Apparently when you lift off the throttle, the truck automatically brakes for you. I’m not sure I’d enjoy that.
A neat piece that I didn’t know even existed. I’m glad I got the chance to snoop around it for a minute.