Weekend Edition: Estonian cold start videos are captivating

Näyttökuva 2016-03-12 kello 22.16.44
At this point, I’m certain YouTube was set up as a treasure trove for cold start videos. There’s trains being cranked into life, tractors, you name it. But this Estonian channel is one of the most interesting so far, as the cars and trucks have sat for quite a while, and a lot of them look like they’re definitely easiest let untouched. All of the video material is long and HD quality, so it’s very interesting for the wrenching inclined Hooniverse commentariat.
Jump over to see some of the most interesting Flexiny videos.

The clip also seen in the lead image is of a 1937 Mercedes that’s sat for 11 years. I don’t think it’s been factory fresh when it was left there.
And of course, there has to be a Moskvich.
The Volvo 740 puts up a fight.
This Mercedes van seems especially desperate.
Somehow the chickens make the W124 200D video especially hysterical.
This Senator is driven after getting it going.
Most every car is partially disassembled and covered in moss. Getting them going again is somehow amazingly rewarding, when the tortured starter noise is turned into age-old engine clatter.
[Source: Flexiny/YouTube]

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  1. roguetoaster Avatar

    Golly, I’d much rather have the Moskvich over that Mercedes…