Weekend Edition Decision Time – 67 Country Sedan or 72 F-100; Two West Coast Ford Workhorses…

Recently Updated78-006 So, it is now for a Weekend Edition Decision Time Posting, where you choose between two distinct vehicles I outline for you here, and you make the choice as to which one you would choose (or not…). Here are two very different Ford Workhorses for you to choose from. Candidate A is a 1967 Ford Country Sedan that has been fully restored. Candidate B is a very nice looking Ford F-100 Stepside Pickup with just a bit of Wood trim to really set it off. So, which one will it be? 1967 Ford Galaxy Country Sedan wagon - Google Chrome 6212014 125550 PM.bmp Let’s start with this very nice 1967 Ford Country Sedan. This car sports new paint, new upholstery, new carpets, and has a stonkin’ 390 under the hood. There is a bonus, as this Country Sedan is a 10 seater, with the dual rear facing seats all the way in the way-back section. So, what are the demerits of this car? First, get rid of those cheesy plastic wheel covers, and find period correct Ford Metal ones. The only other negative I see is the lack of A/C, which could be a problem to anyone who lives in the south or Southwest. 1967 Ford Galaxy Country Sedan wagon - Google Chrome 6212014 125616 PM.bmp Asking price for this non wood beauty is $8,900. That really isn’t too bad, but I would like to know the mileage first, and then I would make an appropriate offer. So, is this the Ford Workhorse of your dreams? See the Seattle Craigslist Listing here, and let me know. Woody Truck Ford 1972 - Google Chrome 6212014 125632 PM.bmp Now, let’s move on to this very red, very nice Ford F-100 Pickup. This is a 1972 model with the standard Step Side (or what Ford used to call the Flare Side) pickup bed. It sports a 360 CID V-8 with factory A/C (very unusual for this time period) with an automatic. According to the listing: Recently Updated77

Beautiful Red Glossy Truck. No matter if you are driving or if it’s parked, Everyone’s eyes are always looking at it. On the Glove Box hand painted is “Woody”- cute touch. When I wasn’t selling it, many people wanted it so they can hand paint their business on the doors for advertisement. Woody Truck Ford 1972 - Google Chrome 6212014 125637 PM.bmp 56,000 miles on it Factory air Automatic transmission Power steering power brakes Rebuilt 360 rebuilt front end Newer breaks Newer shocks Newer radiator Tow package

Woody Truck Ford 1972 - Google Chrome 6212014 125645 PM.bmp The Whitewalls are an unusual choice, but I think it fits with this particular truck. Asking price is $19,000 which really tells me the owner really doesn’t want to sell it at all. Bearing that in mind, do you think this little red truck is the one for you. See the Bay Area Craigslist Listing here, and let me know what you think about it.

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