Weekend Edition: Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach: The Muscle Car Edition


As this olelongrooffan was wandering around the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach show this past few days, I got to thinking about the wide diversity of cars and trucks available at this show. See the Cutlass post in the above image. I am pretty sure this is the first non-hardtop Cutlass I ever remember seeing. Not only that, Rick Hendrick brought it down to sell off to help underwrite the cool one million he paid for the first C7 convertible due off the assembly line there in Bowling Green. Feel free to click on through for a few more images of some of the muscle cars seen by this olelongrooffan this past week.


The Saturday night cars were parked in a separate pavilion and were meticulously guarded by security personnel. Regardless of that fact, they did let this properly badged olelongrooffan in to take a look around. And there were muscle cars a plenty.


Yeah, a NCRS Arkus-Duntov award is a pretty big deal in Corvette circles. They even give you a license plate!


While I only captured a few images of the Corvettes present this weekend, know there were a freakin’ boatload of them, each one just slightly different than the next one.


But the car that was first and foremost in that building was this Mustang.


And yeah, it was restored to the T.


Well, actually it is a little more than just a Mustang.


It is a Shelby Mustang and a ragtop to boot.


And there was more documentation than you could shake a stick at on display and sold with the car.


After I left that shrinelike building, I wandered on over to the staging area and spotted this W-30 that I just fell in love with.


Yeah, it’s a 442 pace car and a ragtop. What is not to love about this one?


And check out the Lot number of this Cutlass 442. Pretty damn cool huh? Just a little fact you probably won’t hear about on SpeedTV.


They called this a Super Grand Sport replica but I thought Corvette Super Grand Sports have propped open head lamps and clear covers?


And of course, a tuned out Challenger was also offered.


The interior of this Buick featured a dual lever shifter that this olelongrooffan thinks is pretty damn cool. Don’t see those around anymore.


A Buick from Canada? A rare treat indeed.


Complete with dog dish hubcaps.


Those red lines just top off the desirability of this Buick GSX.


And that GSX decal on the rear spoiler just to let folks behind you know what you are driving.


I found this old dealer tag on the truck lid of this GTX to be quite unique in that it was still in place on this car.


And just a little info on this GTX.


Yeah complete with vinyl top and floor mounted automatic shifter.


Oh you say you like the color and the wheels but don’t want the vinyl top or floor mounted shifter? That’s okay, Barrett-Jackson has you covered.


In front of that GTX duo was a pair of Cobras.


Pick a color, any color, and it most likely was there.


Even if that favorite color is PMY.


Even The General Lee made an appearance. According to the data sheet on it, this was actually used in filming of that series and is autographed by all the cast members.


And over in the tent area, can you spot where the car was parked for our viewing pleasure?

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2013/longrooffan

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5 responses to “Weekend Edition: Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach: The Muscle Car Edition”

  1. OA5599 Avatar

    I wonder what the thought process was in 1971 (model year) when someone walked into their Buick showroom and said "I want a GSX, but no 455 for me. Give me the 350"? Or was that all you could get in Canada?
    OLRF, that Platinum Silver Metallic Plymouth is a GTX, not a GTS.

    1. longrooffan Avatar

      Dooh! I even had an image of the sign and still got it wrong. Thanks for pointing that out.

      1. OA5599 Avatar

        Actually, you missed the caption just below the pic of that sign, too.

  2. Matthew Avatar

    That would be a Corvette Grand Sport replica. Clear headlights were optional, but that car is missing plenty of other things.

  3. MVEilenstein Avatar

    Enjoying your updates, man. That 442 is amazing.

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