Weekend Edition – Attention 24-Hours-of-LeMons Enthusiasts; A Car with a Theme ready for the Right Team…

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We here at the Hooniverse seem to love the wild antics of the 24-Hours-of-LeMons. We have a rabid fan-base that have participated in various events across the country. We have written about the unbelievable cars that often show up at these venues. We have nominated a few lunatics to our Hooniversal Car of the Year awards. Well, here is a rather complete vehicle that is not all that old, could be front line competitive, and on top of that, it could be made into a kick-ass theme car

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This is a 1985 Mercury Marquis, built on the Ford Fox Body Platform, with only 50,000 miles on the odometer. I know what you’re thinking… How the hell is this car going to run competitively in any 24-hours-of-LeMons event? Well, this was one of the most reliable cars that Ford has ever produced during the time period. It has the Essex 3.8L V-6 (virtually bullet proof), backed by a substantial AOD automatic transmission. The chassis is one that underpinned the Mustang, and anything available for the mustang can be used for this car. So, to sum up…. Reliable, good handling, low mileage, currently under $500!

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Now for what is termed as the Killer App… The Built In Theme. Turn this Mercury Marquis into the Mercury Marquis de Sade! It is already white… Just add a lot of Lace and Leather appendages (You all know what I mean!), make sure you have adequate chains, cuffs, and whips located throughout the driving compartment, and have your team dress in appropriate 18th century attire… Powered Wigs, Bustiers, Garter Belts, White Stockings, Masks… Hell, you get the idea. If you want any ideas, go here (at your own peril)

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If you feel like this is the best thing since Whips and Chains, then bid on this car, and go for it… I’m sure Ms. Murilee Martin will be waiting for you! [sc:ebay itemid=”310846363613″ linktext=”1985 Mercury Marquis de Sade” ]

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