Weekend Edition – A Rare 1970 Chevy Suburban Panel Van on eBay

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The Chevrolet Suburban, a staple on the American Highways for what seems like forever. This is one of the many iconic cars that seems to get highlighted whenever we have the chance, along with Wagoneers, El Caminos, Miatas, and anything French. However, when was the last time you saw a Suburban based Panel Van? Well, feast your eyes on this magnificent example.

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According to the listing:

Looking for a great shop truck or just a fan of rare Chevys? This classic Suburban is great for just about any goal you have in mind for buying a classic. It is rare and restored if you are looking to buy an appreciating asset. It drives great and has plenty of cargo space if you choose to put her to work. And it would make a unique mobile billboard should you choose to advertise your business and take advantage of some tax write-offs. And talk about having a cool history …..

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This Suburban was restored by the nephew of the original owner. The original owner helped build the MGM Grand Hotel in Vegas and used the Panel Suburban as his temporary on-site home! He was a Vietnam Vet and his nephew asked that his dog tag always stay with the keys to the truck. The nephew restored the vehicle as a tribute to his uncle who is now deceased. As you can see from the service parts ID tag, this Suburban was restored back to it’s original specs. The seats were recently restored with factory vinyl and the rubber floor mat is new. Besides those items there is very little we had to do to get this Chevy looking as great as the photos show.

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Additional features and options include; 350 V8, Auto, RWD, Center Console Storage, Chrome Grill/Bumpers/Mirrors, Push Button AM/FM Radio, Chrome Luggage Rack, Vent Windows, Wood Bed, Super Start Battery, Spare Tire w/Cover, Tire Tools, Factory 15″ 5-Lug Wheels, and Thick P225/75/R15 White Wall Tires! Odometer shows 37k miles.

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With three days left until this listing expires, the Buy-it-Now price is $13,988, which isn’t really all that bad for a vehicle this rare, and in this condition. See the listing [sc:ebay itemid=”360688909252″ linktext=”1970 Chevrolet Suburban Panel Wagon” ], and tell me what you think about this wonderful Panel Truck.

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8 responses to “Weekend Edition – A Rare 1970 Chevy Suburban Panel Van on eBay”

  1. chrystlubitshi Avatar

    If it were financially possible, this would be mine. I love it!

  2. scoudude Avatar

    Technically this is a Chevrolet Panel Truck, not a Suburban, in the brochure they specifically refer to Suburbans and Panels.
    It is surprising to see a Panel that has survived this long let alone that is in this good of condition since they were pure work trucks they typically got all used up before they got old enough to be more than just a used up old work truck.

  3. dead_elvis Avatar

    *USA – excludes: Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, & Maine."
    Hmm. Free shipping only to the lower 46?

  4. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    Very nice truck. Stupid money.

  5. Otto Nobedder Avatar
    Otto Nobedder

    Very rare to see one of these. Even more rare to see a tarted out version with chrome bumpers and TH400(but no power steering or brakes). I dont think they ever came with a center console & I'm positive they never came with the embossed vinyl seat material reserved for the CS/T pickups & 'Burbs.
    These rust out even in California, so it would be interesting to know what metal has been replaced.

    1. dukeisduke Avatar

      Red Lake Falls (on the dealer emblem) is in Minnesota, but if the owner helped build the original MGM Grand in Vegas (it opened in 1973, and became the Bally's Las Vegas after the deadly 1980 fire), then it didn't spend much of its life in Minn. This generation of trucks does have rust problems even here in Texas (mainly the rocker panels), but not as bad as the 1960-66 generation.
      A V-8 and an automatic, but no power steering or power brakes? Ugh.

  6. Ray Avatar

    He wants to double his investment

  7. james ruedrich Avatar
    james ruedrich

    Hi I have a 1970 (GMC panel) I've been told there were less than 20 of these titled in1970. I have no.proof and have been unable tofind any. What do you think? Thanks james

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